Monday, March 1, 2021
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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality with Plant Life Balance Augmented Reality App

Plant Life Balance AR app helps users find the right plants for their space, focusing on improving health and wellbeing.

Plant Life Balance is a new augmented reality app that helps users choose plants for their home. Similar to other apps that can superimpose products into your home, this app follows a similar approach to transform your home.

The app uses scientific research to inform the user of plants that can boost their home air quality and give their space a natural feel. The team developing this app took this one step further and reviewed more than a hundred scientific articles to create a Plant Life Balance index. The index is a rating system which shows the extent to which various plants can improve lives especially for people who live in urban dwellings. It offers readings on the quality of air and well-being.

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The Plant Life Balance index shows how various plants absorb toxic compounds and matter such as pollen, dust, and soot. It also shows how plants help improve productivity and social behavior. The augmented reality app helps users find the right plants for their space. It takes into account the size of the plant itself and recommends the right combination of small and large plants for maximum impact.

Using this augmented reality app is as simple as it can get. Users simply take a photo of the room with their smart device and enter the number of plants and their size. The app then gives the rating of the space. Users can drag and drop virtual plants into the space and adjust the plant size.

This ‘try before you buy’ works well for consumers, allowing them to tweak the arrangement of the space and get the best fit before actually buying the plants. The app also shows you which plants will be more suitable for indoor and which for outdoor spaces.

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The app has a catalogue of over 90 plants which users can superimpose into their space. Users can use the app to create a shopping list of their preferred plants before heading off to their local nursery. You can download the augmented reality app for free on Google Play and App Store.


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