Monday, March 1, 2021
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LetinAR Launches Breakthrough Augmented Reality Optic Technology at MWC 2018

LetinAR presented its revolutionary Pin Mirror Lens Module at MWC 2018, the first step toward comfortable and lightweight wide FOV augmented reality smart glasses.

Augmented reality smart glasses will become lighter, more comfortable, easier to manufacture, and have improved performances. At least, this is what South Korean startup LetinAR promises with the official launch of their latest optic technology for AR lenses at MWC 2018.

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Top Performance and Sleek Design: The Future of Augmented Reality Glasses

To achieve large field-of-vision and high-resolution, top-level producers like Microsoft and Google created multiple AR glasses. However, the superior performance comes with a price for the user: these devices are large, uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and heavy.

LetinAR has developed a new optical technology–the Pin Mirror technology–which achieves a 70 degree FOV, the widest field of vision to date. However, the lens used for augmented reality smart glasses with Pin Mirror technology is very slim, allowing it to be inserted into lightweight frames.


How Does Pin Mirror Technology Work?

To achieve the performance described above, the technology developed by LetinAR uses Pin Mirrors, which project a sharp image from a range of 25 cm (9.8 in) to infinity, on the eye. The projected image is fully in focus and thus makes the augmented reality smart glasses ideal for long term use, without the sensation of vertigo.

letinAR augmented reality smart glassesTo extend the field of vision in this type of AR glasses, manufacturers simply have to add more pin mirrors inside the lenses. This does not make the lenses thicker, so the overall size and weight of the headset remains the same.


A New Step Taken Towards Mass Production of AR Goggles

Apart from the increased image quality and improvements made on augmented reality glasses design, Pin Mirror Lenses are very easy to manufacture. The process involves the injection of molded plastic lenses–a process that speeds up mass production.

Thus, we can expect that, if pin mirror lenses become the norm, we will see a sharp increase in the variety of brands and models of augmented reality goggles, as well as a significant drop in prices. Also, AR goggles will start looking like regular glasses in terms of design and size, making their wearers less self-conscious and less noticeable in public.

For now, fans of new technologies had the opportunity to discover the technology and test it at the LetinAR stand at Mobile World Convention 2018, which took place between 26 February and 1 March in Barcelona, Spain.

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