Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Step Up Your Advertising Game with Augmented and Virtual Reality Advertising Platform Adverty

Adverty has recently launched the first programmatic augmented and virtual reality advertising platform for native in-app ads.

Digital advertising has taken a big leap forward with last week’s launch of the first augmented reality and virtual reality advertising platform by Adverty. This innovative platform will allow advertisers to place native ads in AR and VR applications and even quantify accurately the reach of their ads.


The Need for an Augmented and Virtual Reality Advertising Platform

Online advertising is undergoing a profound transformation process. Web browser ads are already facing extinction via ad blockers. And even some mobile apps are affected by ad blocking software installed on the devices. For Adverty, an ad tech company founded in 2016 and commercially launched in 2017, the challenges presented by this situation were answered with the help of new technology.

Inserting ads in augmented and virtual reality apps has not been technologically possible so far. This is why Adverty’s programmatic augmented reality and virtual reality advertising platform represents such an important step forward. It solves a critical problem for advertising: reaching people inside immersive AR and VR experiences.

“It’s an exciting time for us as we’re helping shape the future of digital advertising. As a world first, we’re allowing advertisers to programmatically bring their physical and digital creatives to life, within augmented mobile and immersive virtual reality experiences. Our programmatic support allows us to develop our offering further as we give DSP’s and media buyers across the world access to unique inventory within this emerging platform,” said Niklas Bakos, the CEO and co-founder of Adverty.

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The Rise of AR and VR Changes People’s Mobile and Computer Use Habits

The market of augmented reality and virtual reality devices, games and apps is set on a strong growth path. This growth is fueled by major mobile phone manufacturers and mobile OS developers who continually invest in new technologies.

The launch of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, as well as other innovative app building platforms for older, less powerful smartphones, has brought augmented reality and virtual reality experiences to a significant percentage of mobile phone owners.

Adam Hemming, Chief Revenue Officer at Adverty explains: “The possibilities and new realities that will become available to consumers and advertisers are enormous. I am convinced that in the near future we will be at the centre of a very different advertising world, and that this will happen in a much shorter timeframe than most people expect. I’m really pleased to be a part of what we are building at Adverty—a sustainable and premium means for brands to naturally integrate into these new worlds.”

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Putting the Reins in the Advertisers’ Hands Again

The new programmatic augmented and virtual reality advertising platform developed by Adverty gives back the control to advertisers. The technology for placing native in-app VR and AR ads allows them to track and quantify precisely how many users actually watched the ad.

One of Adverty’s clients, Rovio Entertainment, the company that developed the Angry Birds game, is extremely excited about this new way of integrating ads into augmented reality and virtual reality apps and games.

adverty augmented and virtual reality advertising platform

The CMO of Games for the company, Ville Heijari, explained the benefits of the platform launched by Adverty: “What Adverty are doing is a groundbreaking advertising concept. They’re not only seamlessly integrating advertising into VR and AR, they’re producing a product that’s only charging the advertiser when ads have been fully perceived by the consumer. This transparency delivers the ultimate ROI and is an industry first.”

The ads created with Adverty’s platform are capable of fine segmentation and targeting by:

  • Platform
  • Hardware
  • Age-rating
  • Location
  • Context
  • Content type


Where can Advertisers Find the new AR/ VR Ads Platform?

Augmented reality and virtual reality advertising platform will be available at the top supply-side platforms and will be open for advertising agencies, brands and demand-side platforms.

Although it is a relatively new player in the world of new technologies, Adverty already has some notable results, including collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company and, as mentioned above, Rovio Entertainment.

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