Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Presenting a Global Augmented Reality Ecosystem: Arcona


The augmented reality platform available from all mobile devices for remote positioning of 3D content is about to come into our lives.


Nowadays, there are so many industries hardly associated with anything digital, dealing with the technologies of mixed reality that it is possible to claim the future has already come. Well, at least augmented reality today is more than real and widespread and it helps the professionals of numerous fields to do their jobs better even when far from being digital.

This tendency has already been evident a while ago and made the experts and practitioners think and dream big. That’s how Arcona was created, being the natural extension of passion and 5 year experience in AR of the team behind Arcona – Piligrim XXI.

Arcona seeks to harness all of the power and possibilities of AR technology and most importantly, in a surprising and prominent combination with another exciting technology, blockchain. The advantages of both technologies make the ecosystem truly innovative. First, it merges together the real and virtual world all across the planet, generating a layer of augmented reality which can be used by the specialists of different kinds and same safe for all of them – because of smart contract.

While digital, Arcona’s digital world is very much connected with the physical world in terms of geospatial data. Each meter of a specific virtual layer is linked to a particular location on the Earth and is perfectly prepared for the remote placement of interactive content. This digital land layer is intelligently divided into plots and will be sold as a real estate. Buying digital land is a serious investment, and owning the land allows the owners to create and earn real money. As a landowner, you can build your own digital domain filled with interactive content, use your land to run a business, or rent/sell your digital land. The versatility of this ecosystem lets users do basically anything – from making their own Augmented Reality Zoo (near the Eiffel Tower, for example), to building creative construction projects to show to potential investors. Arcona’s digital land is a new space for advertisers, as well, and a new way to communicate with the users.

As a result, Arcona has made creative projects and ventures possible for anyone, anywhere.

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Features and Timeline

There are three primary features of the Arcona experience: remote setup, building and trading, and safety. Users can create any project they want in the digital world; commerce and construction are possible within this world, and all of it is secured by the blockchain technology. The fact that the Arcona platform is built on the blockchain provides extra guarantee of property rights for landowners, copyright protection for developers and artists, and makes the transactions all reliable and transparent.

Arcona augmented reality

In 2019, the company plans to launch the AR Viewer and introduce the AR Grid positioning system in 10 largest metropolitan areas in the world. In 2020, they plan to create their World Wide Augmented Reality Grid, making the possibilities for AR projects and ventures truly global.

Solutions offered

Arcona’s platform addresses five key problems in the modern tech world.

First, from the corporate viewpoint, advertising channels are already extremely saturated and it is growing increasingly difficult to reach potential consumers; Arcona provides an entirely new medium through which to meet new customers.

Second, augmented reality is currently a disjointed world – there is no single tool that allows for easy access with it. Arcona unites the physical and digital space everywhere in the world, providing a single and global access point to the world of AR.

Third, outdoor AR projects present great difficulty to developers; Arcona provides them with tools to make this easier.

Fourth, most AR platforms support only one device, while Arcona supports them all. The way it’s designed allows for interactions through smartphones, tablets, or via headsets.

And finally, only AR developers are currently capable of creating AR experiences, but Arcona would provide all users with the tools necessary to build simple but immersive experiences.

Ultimately, Arcona’s new technology presents the promise of a new digital frontier giving a second wind to quite ordinary things like traveling, gaming, learning and discovering, advertising and developing business. Thus, it offers a space for artists and businesses alike to create new highly interactive experiences – like time travels or huge scale commercials. After implementation, it could safely centralize the way people interact with AR technology by making a global experience secured by the blockchain technology.

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