Monday, January 18, 2021
Augmented Reality

Arcona Marketplace: Your Chance to Own Digital Land and Create Your Own Augmented Reality World

The Arcona augmented reality ecosystem has launched its own online trading platform - the Arcona Marketplace, which lets users buy a new and unique system asset – the Digital Land.

Announced a few months ago, Arcona can still be considered a novelty in its own right: nearly ready to be the first complete augmented reality world, modeled after the real world around us. Users could explore and manipulate distant cities and territories in AR and create their own unique version of how the world should look: a luxuriant jungle by the River Thames, a zoo next to the Eiffel Tower.

The success reported with the first beta testers of the AR ecosystem encouraged the company behind the Arcona project, Piligrim XXI, to move on to the next phase: offering plots of digital land for auction in the upcoming Arcona Marketplace.


Arcona Marketplace: Buy a Piece of Augmented Reality World and Model It

The first territories up for action are in select locations on the real world map. Cities like Tokyo, Paris, New York, Rome, Beijing or St. Petersburg will be put up for auction in the augmented reality world and their owners will be able to develop them according to their own wishes.

The creators of the AR environment made very precise measurements for each plot of digital land, so that it corresponds with real-life meters and acres. As Ilya Korguzalov, one of the Arcona founders, explains: “Nice areas in the chosen cities have already been divided into pretty hexagonal plots with the help of GIS technologies and mathematical calculations. Their precise coordinates are stored in the smart contract.”

The starting price for the auction is 1 arcona token for 1 m2 (around 10.7 ft2) of digital territory. Participants in the auction have a wide range of choices, since the largest 10 mega-cities in the world have already been fully digitized by the Piligrim XXI team.


Arcona Marketplace: Your Chance to Own Digital Land and Create Your Own Augmented Reality World


Building Castles in the Sky? How About an Augmented Reality World of Trade?

The question is: why would anyone spend real money to buy digital land? The arcona tokens, of course, will be purchased for dollars and then used to bid for plots in the augmented reality world.

The answer is that each AR landowner has the possibility to develop an attractive environment which will encourage advertisers to lease AR billboard space and display their ads. Different owners can start trading between each other, entering into deals either for 3D content or AR/VR services, or for digital real estate transactions.

Also, artists can use their own piece of augmented reality world to promote their works, find sponsors, partnerships, or even sell 3D artworks to other Arcona land owners who want to display them in their own territory.

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The Start of a New Era for Augmented Reality

Arcona may look like a very complex and engaging game for adults, but it is much more than that. It is the proof that augmented reality technology can work with other cutting edge technologies like blockchain, GIS, neural networks and AI, and bring advancements and benefits to various industries.

The algorithms used in creating the Arcona augmented reality world have already been published and went under scrutiny by independent experts who stated that this innovative way of creating augmented reality projects will reduce the overall costs by 40%. The tools made available to users help them build and place AR object without having any special skills.

Affordability and accessibility—these are, thus, the two key innovations brought forth by ArconaArcona Marketplace: Your Chance to Own Digital Land and Create Your Own Augmented Reality World 1 26239315 257424914792707 3874644450333374252 n  . According to the timeline shared by the founders, the Arcona Marketplace will be in the pilot stage until the end of 2018. By 2019, the digital ecosystems in the largest cities will start being operational and by 2020 the global augmented reality world of Arcona will cover and area 40,000 square km (around 15,444 sq mi) all over the globe.


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