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“Corsair’s Curse” Is a VR Arcade Experience That Sets Sail in Spring and at GDC 2019

Adventurous and puzzle solving pirates must escape this VR galleon or be cursed!

This spring, VR arcade guests will play virtual reality games as puzzle-solving pirates. Vertigo Arcades of “Arizona Sunshine” fame and INNERSPACE VR are at the helm of “Corsair’s Curse”.

“Corsair’s Curse” Is a 4D VR Experience

Paralleling the nautical theme of “A Fisherman’s Tale”, “Corsair’s Curse” takes players on a course for adventure. The 4D, free-roam, and LB VR experience is played with two to four players.

It’s for all ages (13 years+), so both elder pirates and young ones can play too. Vertigo Games told us that the experience supports the HTC Vive (Pro) headsets. Depending on the arcade, the game supports wireless adapters and VR backpacks.

They say, “We advise and assist every Arcade on recommended hardware for the best experience.” The studio recommends that arcades use 4.7m x 6.2m of play area for the best gaming experience with “Corsair’s Curse”.

Corsair's Curse

Demo It at GDC or Wait Until Spring!

The new game is launching at VR arcades around the world in spring 2019. The studio told us, “We’ll be starting roll out from April 2019 to selected partner arcades. Those interested can get in touch with us via our website.”

Select guests at GDC can jump into the virtual reality game while they’re between demos and meet and greets.

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“We’re very excited to showcase our free-roam multiplayer VR experiences such as Corsair’s Curse and Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition and share our vision for the out-of-home VR space at our VR Space at GDC.”

GDC is the first North American event they’ll be demoing the new game at. Much like “A Fisherman’s Tale,” “Corsair’s Curse” tinkers with escape room mechanics and player size. Their site says the game lasts for about 30-minutes.

Exploring and finding ways to use their unique character and environment is key. Players solve puzzles, find treasure, and escape the bewitched ship.

Multi-Sensory LB VR At Arcades

The virtual reality game will be entertaining visitors at VR arcades in open spaces. Vertigo Games and Vertigo Arcades aren’t new to free roam. They did it with the zombie game “Arizona Sunshine”.

VR arcades with floor space and the funds have game support for 4D effects. Wind and floors that vibrate are something guests can’t have installed at home. We asked if there’s a Vive tracker to support extra props, and they told us that they are not supported right now.

Location-based VR games and experiences like “Corsair’s Curse” is a sign that studios are stepping up their game. They’re unleashing VR’s potential to become multi-sensory attractions.

Immersive digital environments and fantasy storytelling skyrocket VR games to a higher caliber. Especially reactive environments that shake and blow gusts of wind and let players walk unattached to wires.

Corsair's Curse

Virtual Reality Games Bring Guests to VR Arcades

We can’t yet install moving floors and can only turn on a fan for special effect at home. Good thing for the return of the arcade and out-of-home attraction!

Richard Stitselaar, Managing Director at Vertigo Arcades shares how gaming experiences at VR arcades influence headset purchases.

He says, “As the virtual gatekeepers of VR, arcades play an invaluable role in converting VR enthusiasts to VR customers.”

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The director also says that the studio is helping bring visitors to arcades. By “arming them with the best that VR currently has to offer to attract customers, whether [guests] are new to VR or own VR headsets at home.”  

What he describes is a lot like how park attractions based on movies don’t get in the way of movie or DVD sales. They often strengthen franchises.

“Arizona Sunshine” has earned its place as a seminal LB VR and in-home game title. The same effect that VR arcades offer is looking to be true of Vertigo Games and Vertigo Arcades virtual reality games.

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