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Holodia’s HOLOFIT and VR Fitness Machines Are Changing Gyms As We Know Them

Thank goodness for VR. Fitness machines are no longer torture devices.


Exercising is the key to unlocking our body’s fullest potential. Users that exercise with a VR headset will tell you how it helped them lose weight and is exciting to do. One of the businesses behind the VR and fitness movement is Holodia and their platform HOLOFIT.

Holodia is a global fitness company that’s transforming how gyms and their visitors use fitness machines. With so much of the world being entranced by the next reality TV show, video games, and ordering take out with apps, the world has become a tad bit lazier. That is, until VR came around.

Holodia’s HOLOFIT platform is changing the fitness landscape by pairing VR headsets to games and fitness machines. Gyms that have it show a member retention rate of 70% after six months, which is an amazing accomplishment.

The VR fitness company attended FIBO in Cologne, Germany, on April 4 – 7, 2019. After exhibiting their HOLOFIT fitness platform for guests, we connected with them. In this interview we talk about how VR is changing gym life, exercise, and also find out some exciting VR news to share with our readers.

ARPost: Gyms in the US or abroad are using HOLOFIT’s cardio workout platform with VR. Can you tell us who’s using it?

Holodia: Yes, amongst our customers we have a number of large gyms in the US, such as Midtown Health in Chicago or YMCA NJ.

As well as smaller boutique gyms like 5Strengths in Seattle, and many others in Japan, China, Brazil and most of EU markets.

Holofit VR

We also have many customers in the hospitality fitness segment. Mostly in luxury hospitality segment in the Caribbean, French Alps, Japan and the Middle East.

ARPost: Is HOLOFIT only for fitness or are there other uses for the machines and VR?

Holodia: From the HOLOFIT point of view, we are using VR to change the fitness game.

We all know how cardio can easily become boring and unmotivating. Stemming from our personal experiences, we saw the potential VR has when it comes to making this process fun.

Apart from VR environments, we started adding gamification to our platform. What we now have is this great VR fitness platform with 36 different workout tracks to keep cardio fun and 4 different workout modes to keep you motivated.

That’s more than 100 workout options! And we’re only going bigger from here.

Thanks to the multiplayer mode and the app for tracking users’ workouts, HOLOFIT has proved great for fostering a sense of community in gym environments. Competitiveness is a part of human nature, after all.

However, we do see a great use case and have many customers in rehabilitation and medical fields, education, as well as in VR entertainment. They are all using the HOLOFIT to help advance their clients’ fitness.

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holodia VR fitness

ARPost: HOLOFIT debuted new content to the HOLOWORLD. Can you tell us more about it?

Holodia: Sure, we’ve recently released the new Cyberpunk workout track and are debuting new levels within this HOLOWORLD. The High World is a challenge for users to reach, and when they do, it’s an emotional journey with great accomplishments at the end.

ARPost: HOLOFIT attended FIBO in April. Did visitors get to demo the platform? Which machines and game titles did they use?

Holodia: Yeah! Visitors at FIBO, both commercial and consumer, demoed HOLOFIT Pro on three bicycles, two rowing machines and an elliptical.

They tried any or all of our 36 workout tracks and 4 gaming modes, although the multiplayer where they raced each other was definitely a crowd favorite! It was sure to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping.

The visitors also got to try out our new premium mobile version HOLOFIT Go. This is for flexible use-cases or a startup kit that will be released very soon!

ARPost: Can you share with us what guests were saying about HOLOFIT at FIBO?

Holodia: Why not let them speak for themselves?!

ARPost: How was the event? Did a lot of people get to demo the machines?

Holodia: FIBO blew away all of our expectations, it was an absolutely incredible experience being able to share what we believe is the future of fitness on such a large level.

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We had more than 1,500 business customers and more than 4,000 consumers visit Holodia and test HOLOFIT. They were all extremely satisfied and excited with the product, and we will have a large number of them joining the HOLOFIT community.

We’d like to thank everyone that came to our stand and tried HOLOFIT out. We’ve met many new customers, partners and, most importantly, HOLOFIT users.

What more to say except we’ll see you there next year! This was only the beginning!

ARPost: What’s in store for HOLOFIT by Holodia next? Any upcoming release dates our readers, as well as the VR and fitness industry should know about?

Holodia: We’ll be releasing HOLOFIT Go before the summer! And we’ll let you know as soon as it is available for pre-order.

HOLOFIT Go is our premium mobile version of the platform, the perfect upgrade for consumers’ home fitness machines! They just have to turn on the bluetooth connection on their cardio machine, put on the headset, and they’ll be good to go!

If you already have a Bluetooth-enabled home cardio machine just contact us and sign up to be amongst the first to enjoy HOLOFIT VR fitness within your home!

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