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MobiledgeX Offers Early Access to Proprietary Edge Computing Research Data

XR is one of the top use cases of edge computing.


MobiledgeX is giving away 3-year worth of proprietary use case research involving edge computing. The company has decided to offer early access to developers to its research data. Thus, according to the company, they hope to boost knowledge sharing and collaboration across various industries.

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a computing system that brings processes closer to the source of data, that is, the user’s device (computer, smartphone, or tablet). Therefore, programmers don’t need to run as many processes in the cloud and minimize the distance of communication between the client (user) and the server.

As a result, the key benefit of edge computing is lower latency and reduced bandwidth use. For MobiledgeX, a company founded by Deutsche Telekom, edge computing “is no longer a theory, it’s a reality”. For three years, the company has compiled use cases and collected research data on how edge computing can improve various industries.

Now, this valuable information is available for applicant developers for free, through the newly launched Edge Navigator.

“Edge computing innovation and progress can’t happen in a vacuum and as MobiledgeX seeks to help build a thriving edge ecosystem, it is investing in the critical resources that developers of all sizes will need to get started with edge now. We’re excited for our early access program members to begin optimizing their applications to leverage the edge and trial it in actual live edge networks to fast-track their journeys to the delivery of next-generation user experiences,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO and EVP of Engineering at MobiledgeX.

Top Use Cases: AR/VR Hardware, Gaming and IoT

After they access the Edge Navigator platform, the developers will discover the top 15 applications of edge computing. The first five cases in terms of best results are: multiplayer gaming, cloud gaming, manufacturing (analytics and management), AR and VR hardware, as well as location information (GIS precision positioning path planning).

To identify the top 15 use cases, MobiledgeX conducted  interviews with over 200 global companies that implemented edge computing.

Speaking of the benefits of this technology for the AR field, Justyna Janicka, co-founder and COO of 1000 Realities said:

“Edge computing delivers the low latency that allows us to offer users of our augmented reality spatial mapping and positional platform the highest precision for a flawless experience, which will help us quickly and seamlessly scale our business across the globe.”

mobiledgex edge computing research top use cases

Building an Edge Culture Through Shared Experiences

For the developers who join the MobiledgeX early access program, the benefits go beyond analyzing use cases. They can understand how future-proof their products and applications are. After all, the market trends are clear: the tech of today is the norm of tomorrow.

Eric Braun, CCO of MobiledgeX, believes that this program will “start a larger conversation among the expanding edge community of developers, operators, device makers and technology leaders”.

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Thus, according to Braun, the collaboration within the Edge Navigator platform will help create a public knowledge base. Therefore, the program is not just a learning experiment. Instead, its ultimate goal is to create “a smoother path to edge success”.

Further Details About the Program

The early access edge computing program officially opened on June 20 and will last for 6 months. During this period, developers will enjoy:

  • Free access to edge infrastructure;
  • Consultation from experts;
  • Ability to conduct live tests for their applications;
  • Promotional opportunities via social media and other online channels;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Opportunity to become the winner of the Innovator of the Year Award: free booth space at World Congress and 6 extra months of free access to edge infrastructure.

Those interested in joining the MobiledgeX early access program can apply here.

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