Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Pentland Brands Implements New AR Technology for Item Sizing

We’ve seen augmented reality tech for how something looks but never for how something fits.


We’ve seen AR technology in clothing before but not like this. The Speedo Mirror app isn’t just a try-on app, it’s a fitting app.

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Didn’t This Already Exist?

AR technology speedo mirror app

A  number of brands use AR technology to let you see what you would look like in clothes or glasses. However, those apps show you how the garment will look but not how it will fit.

In most cases, this isn’t a huge problem. A shirt is a little too tight, you need a belt with your new pants, you move on. However, some things need to fit. If you’re a swimmer, you know that goggles are one of those things.

Goggles are adjustable but only in how they fit around your head. How the eyepiece fits depends on the model. If the eyepiece isn’t the right shape for your face, water can get in or they can hurt your face no matter how tight or loose.

Pentland Brands, a conglomerate of sports brands, is trying to solve this problem in one of its best-known brands: Speedo.

… Not Like This, It Didn’t

The name Speedo has become synonymous with a certain style of men’s swimming garment. However, the company makes a huge range of swimwear, from casual suits and accessories to those worn by Olympic athletes. These athletes may spend hours each day, days each week, in the pool and need their gear to fit.

speedo mirror appSpeedo Mirror, the brand’s new app, is now available on the app store. The app lets users try on Speedo goggles before buying in-store or through the app. Most importantly, it actually uses information about the users’ face to determine the best model and size for them. The app’s AR technology uses 3D face scanning to map the user’s face and suggest the best fit.

“This technology will undoubtedly enhance our customers’ shopping experiences by allowing them to interact with the product before they buy it,” Ben Hardman, Pentland’s Head of Innovation said in a statement sent to ARPost. “In this instance, it helps them address a well-documented human pain point: leaky goggles.”

What’s Next?

Speedo Mirror is a big move for Pentland in a number of ways. It’s their first app launch. It’s also their first move into AR technology. However, it almost certainly won’t be the last.

What’s significant is that the technology can be applied to any footwear, apparel, or accessories that are custom-fitted,” Hardman said in the release. “Across the Pentland Brands portfolio, there are plenty of opportunities for us to think about how we can use AR to make our brands and products even more accessible.”

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That could mean a number of things but the release specifically mentioned another one of Pentland’s better-known brands – Endura. The company, which makes clothing for cyclists, recently rolled out a new online tool for custom-designing gear. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how AR technology could help.

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