Monday, January 30, 2023
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Artist MAGOZ Brings AR Experiences to Hamburg

How a German XR festival brought in MAGOZ for his lighthearted and colorful AR experiences.


XR technology has a way of livening up any space – even if that space was already pretty lively. When the XR festival VRHAM! (Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg) wanted to liven up Hamburg this summer, they turned to Spanish artist MAGOZ for AR experiences.

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VRHAM Magoz augmented realityMAGOZ is a Spanish artist currently based in Sweden. His blog details his artistic process, events that he attends, and his life as a digital nomad. Digital nomads, like the journeymen of old, travel from place to place, bringing the tools of their trades with them.

I see myself as an author that uses the communicative part of an image or an animation. I’ll try to say things with images. I use poetry or poetic resources to say the things I want to say,” MAGOZ told VRHAM! in an interview they shared with ARPost. “And in the last year, I have been very much into technology – coding, creating hybrid artworks. And this exhibition at VRHAM! is an experimental approach to my previous works where we can see some more depth.”

ARt-Exhibition by MAGOZ comes to life thanks to AR and the QR codes placed in the Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt square. These codes can then be scanned with a mobile phone using a Facebook-enabled mobile app. Boats floating in the sky and characters walking on the roofs of buildings are only some of the AR experiences. VRHAM!, which took place this year June 7 – 15, calls it “the first virtual exhibition in public space.” That’s fitting as VRHAM! also claims to be Germany’s first international festival for virtual art.

I am just trying to add more value to my work – rather than visual fireworks. AR adds more things to the actual world,” said MAGOZ. “This was the approach. To put my work around you and create a virtual exhibition.”

VRHAM Magoz AR experiences QR code

Working with VRHAM!

ar experience VRHAM MagozThrough this collaboration, VRHAM! achieved a number of things. They gave thousands of users the ability to easily and freely view the AR experiences. They also enabled artists like MAGOZ to experiment in a new medium.

“When I started as an illustrator, I basically had to put all of my ideas in one static image. Animations not only brought me movement but also the possibility to add sound and music. In addition, I could decide to reveal certain parts of it when I wanted to. And all of these things add more depth to my work,” said MAGOZ. “Technology makes my work more interactive. Maybe you can talk or interact with [the work]. It is still very experimental.”

Hamburg might be a long shot from where you are but that shouldn’t keep you from getting excited. Thousands of people were introduced to the AR experiences of MAGOZ. As AR is a global phenomenon, we all benefit from it wherever it happens.

VRHAM Magoz AR artist

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