Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Augmented Reality Customer Service Tool XMReality Business Now Available for SME Clients in the US

The lighter version of XMReality Enterprise, the augmented reality customer service tool will help SMEs increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


XMReality Business, an augmented reality customer service tool, is now available for small and medium-sized enterprises in the US. The solution is available as SaaS (software as a service) and allows employees to remotely guide clients in diagnosing malfunctions as well as fixing them.

One of the innovative features of this augmented reality customer service offering is that it doesn’t require an app install. The client receives a web link which they can access from their smartphone and initiate the remote assistance session.

Embracing the Future of Customer Service at SME Level

Many augmented reality customer service solutions available on the market are more suitable for large companies. However, XMReality decided to tap into the huge market of small and medium-sized enterprises in the US. The company downsized its Enterprise version of the AR customer service tool and adapted it to both the needs and budget of SMEs.

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The President of XMReality, Cory Nadilo, explained the decision in a press release:

“By offering XMReality Business online and establishing a US office, we are opening up new opportunities to reach more companies of various sizes. With this new offering we strengthen our position as an international leader in remote guidance.”

XMReality Augmented Reality Customer Service: Increased Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Customer retention is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. When a customer calls tech support to report a malfunction or difficulties in setting up a product, they want a quick solution.

However, sending a maintenance team to the client’s location is both time and money consuming. With the augmented reality customer service tool developed by XMReality, tech support teams can establish a remote connection with the client.

Thus, the customer support employee can:

  • Identify the issue;
  • Guide the customer to fix the problem;
  • Transfer the client by web link to a specialized department, if applicable.

How Does the Augmented Reality Customer Service Solution Work?

Augmented Reality Customer Service Tool XMReality Business

The XMReality Business AR solution allows tech support teams to use various means of communication in guiding clients, such as AR pointers, gestures, speech, and chat.

For Arcam, a member of GE Additive group, this solution is “perfect for our customers”, according to Martin Forsberg, Global Support. He added: “You can set up a remote call without them having to install anything.”

Once the customer initiates a call, the augmented reality customer service tool activates the phone camera. In this way, the tech support employee can see the malfunctioning product and the client can indicate the exact issue. Then, the employee can overlay visual and graphic guidance instructions directly onto the real-life image of the product.

Benefits of Remote Customer Service

According to the company, beyond its innovative character, the XMReality augmented reality customer service tool offers many benefits to companies using it. Some of these are for example:

  • Reducing costs for each intervention;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Growing customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Strengthening brand image.

In a world where no one is willing to wait for service, AR and other new technologies help bridge the gap between consumers’ demands and the abilities of companies to satisfy them.

How Can SMEs Access the AR Customer Service Tool?

The tool is currently on sale on the company website. New clients are eligible for a 30-day trial, as well as a discounted introductory offer of US$19.95 per month. The tool is available both for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

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