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VR Game OhShape Announces #StayHome Update

The VR game has new songs, new settings, and a new fitness challenge.


With more and more of us being told to stay home in order to combat coronavirus, some of us are getting a little stir-crazy. Not to mention flabby. Fortunately, rhythm and dance VR game OhShape just announced the “#StayHome” update. The update features new songs and challenges and YUR integration.

Have You Played OhShape?

Odders Lab launched a prerelease of OhShape last summer. The rhythm and dance VR game pits players against a series of oncoming obstacles to dodge and bonuses to reach for. To get the highest score, players move their whole bodies in time with a number of songs.

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For a more engaging description, you can find a full game review from a truer gamer than I will ever be. Just know that since that review OhShape added the much-awaited song-editor interface. It’s also supported on a lot more devices and platforms.

The #StayHome Update

The new #StayHome update is already live on Oculus Quest and comes to Steam soon, according to a release shared with ARPost. So, what new content does the update have to offer?

New Songs and Settings

Some of the updates are good for the general VR gamer. That’s whether you’re using OhShape to get in shape or just have fun.

These include three new songs – for a total of 22 compared to the game’s original eight-song track. You can also manually adjust the height setting now. That’s important considering the fine movements that you have to perform in order to get the highest scores.

ohshape VR game #stayhome update

Finally, the game offers a new “beginner” setting. The game initially just had an easy setting and a hard setting. While it eventually added a “medium” setting, some found the jump from “easy” to “medium” to be pretty extreme. Hopefully, players will find the mounting difficulty more gradual now.

Fitness Goals and Tracking

The rest of the game’s new features will be good for general VR gamers as well. However, they’ll be particularly exciting for users looking to use the game to stay in shape while staying inside.

For one thing, the game is adding YUR fitness tracking. The integration, which started exploding onto the VR gaming over night at some point, tracks and displays users’ activity in VR. Right now, YUR is only available on Steam and Oculus Quest. So, it’s unclear when a similar integration may come to other platforms.

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The game is also adding a new fitness challenge with a larger room scale. The new setting is a new challenge for users. If that wasn’t enough incentive, Odders Lab promised that for every player that completes the challenge they will donate $1 to UNICEF to help fight coronavirus.

Stay Home and Stay Healthy

Whether OhShape is your kind of VR game or not, or even if VR isn’t your passtime, make sure that you have a passtime for you. Stay home, stay healthy, and stay happy.

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