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Imint and RealWear Partner on HMT-1 Series AR Headset for Frontline Workers

The AR headset features a top-shelf camera and video-enhancing software.


Hardware company RealWear and software company Imint have come together to create an AR headset designed specifically for frontline workers. The headset has multiple affordances and use cases but stresses video quality both for those producing video content and relying on video for remote assistance.

The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 AR Headsets…

RealWear’s flagship AR headset comes in two models, the HMT-1 is the standard model and the HMT-1Z1 is designed specifically for compatibility with PPE. Both come with an Android-based operating system powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

HMT-1 series RealWear AR headset

The 380g AR headsets have an adjustable “boom arm” supporting a 20-degree-FOV display with 854×480 resolution. Also on board is a 16MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video at 30fps, integrated speakers, and four noise-canceling digital microphones. The headset incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB-C port.

Between the robust camera and the “rugged” display, manufacturers report 9-10 hour battery life for most uses. The battery can also be replaced in the field for energy-intensive applications, or longer-than-average sessions.

…with Imint’s Vidhance

The HMT-1 series provides for a variety of use cases including digital workflows, visual data, and document viewing. However, their real strengths are video applications including remote assistance. This is in part thanks to the camera specs and compatibility with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco. It is also due to the recent partnership between RealWear and Imint.

“Imint’s Vidhance video enhancement software, together with RealWear’s advanced technology, ensures optimal video performance for both recording procedures and real-time viewing by remote experts,” Imint CEO Andreas Lifvendahl said in a release shared with ARPost.

RealWear AR headset enterprise frontline workers

Imint’s video optimization tool, Vidhance, is included in the most recent release of the HMT firmware update which became available to users in March. The solution focuses on video stabilization and dynamic blur reduction. The result has already received positive feedback from users in an early-access program.

“A superior video experience on the HMT-1 has always been critical to performing mission-critical tasks while using both hands on the job,” RealWear CTO Dr. Chris Parkinson said in the release. “By integrating Vidhance into our firmware, it’s helping take remote mentor to the next level.”

Where RealWear Lands in the Ecosystem

HMT-1 is entering into probably the most competitive space within AR headsets – enterprise. Specifically, their durable design type is probably in most direct competition with the Vuzix M-Series. While the M-Series has some more impressive XR-specific specifications, the HMT-1 series boasts a significantly better camera, not to mention the recent Vidhance advantage.

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While the display and control limitations prevent the headset from being as immersive and truly adaptive as other solutions, their capacity for actually recording and interacting with video makes them the AR headset to beat for visual-first use cases.

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