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Assemblr Web-Based AR Player Brings New Technologies Closer to All Users

The web-based AR player lets users explore interactive content from the project link without having to install the app.


Have you tried to interact with AR content, only to find out that you have to install an app and create a user account? For AR startup Assemblr, this kind of impediment is one of the reasons why more people do not have access to new technologies. So, they decided to make things simple. They created a web-based AR player which allows anyone to open a project link and interact with Assemblr AR content. There is no need to download the Assemblr app.

Assemblr Web Player – Democratizing New Technologies

One of the main focuses of Assemblr is simplifying the AR content creation process and making AR accessible for “anyone, anywhere, in one easy platform.” Thus, building and launching the web-based AR player is their way of fulfilling their core mission.

Assemblr Web-Based AR Player Brings New Technologies Closer to All Users

“The accessibility is very important for our users, and with our web player, users will have the easiest way to access the contents,” said Assemblr Founder and CEO, Hasbi Asyadiq, in a press release shared with ARPost. “People don’t need to download any app, and register themselves first—there are so many steps that can be bypassed by creating the web player.”

In addition to opening and viewing AR content, the team plans to work on making it possible for the users to also create AR content on the web soon. The company believes that, while their web-based AR player is not an innovative product on the market, it stands out by its ease of use.

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A Web-Based AR Player That Helps All Users Interact With Content

The adoption rate of immersive technologies can grow only if all users can open and interact with content from the very first try. Difficulty in working with various apps and solutions is what keeps many users from enjoying their experience.

Not everyone is a tech-literate, intuitively knowing how to install an app, create an account, and open content in it. For the Assemblr team, this is not the way to go. Their web-based AR player aims to be truly user-friendly for anyone.

“In the market, we see that some products are not friendly for people who are not familiar with high technology,” said Asyadiq. “Our core value is to make it simple but smarter—​​we aim for everyone, including those who don’t understand coding or design, to be able to use it. If it is executed well, then we believe it will be a big leap for us.”

How Does the Assemblr Web Player Work?

The recently-launched Assemblr Web Player will open 3D and AR content created with any of the company’s products: Assemblr App, Assemblr Studio, or Assemblr EDU.

Assemblr Studio
Assemblr Studio

Content creators can embed the player on their websites and blogs, and users can interact with it directly from the web or mobile browser. This will help AR and 3D content reach larger audiences and become a usual method of delivering educational, informative, or entertaining content to the masses.

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Current Limitations

As it is freshly launched, the Assemblr web-based AR player has some limitations. The team is working to solve them, but for now, users have to consider these aspects for the best experience of the app:

  • On a desktop, Assemblr Web Player can be accessed only through Google Chrome;
  • The player works on Android devices that support AR Core;
  • Apple users can access only the 3D content;
  • Assemblr Web Player can only display selected 3D objects from Assemblr, and 3D objects from the marketplace.

If you are curious to see how the Assemlr Web Player works, you can access a demonstrative project here.

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