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Dreamscape Expands to East Coast With New Jersey VR Destination

The new VR destination in New Jersey will also benefit from the results of a recent partnership between Dreamscape and Zoe Immersive.


Fans of location-based VR entertainment, rejoice! Dreamscape, a location-based immersive VR company, has recently opened a new VR destination in Paramus, New Jersey, at AMC Garden State Plaza 16, at the Westfield Garden State Plaza. The new venue is the result of the partnership between Dreamscape and AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC) and provides rich and varied entertainment options both to New Jersey and New York metro area.

The East Coast VR Destination Benefits From Dreamscape’s Latest Technologies

Any Dreamscape VR destination is a full sensory experience for users. The company has developed an advanced full-body tracking technology, which allows free-roaming and free-flying virtual experience.

VR destination Dreamscape Interior Sample

Thus, users are fully immersed in a fantastic world, where they can move, explore and interact with other users. There are no barriers and no lagging in the audio, video, and haptic inputs – nothing to betray the fact that the magical world is computer-generated.

The new Dreamscape’s VR destination is family-friendly – anyone over the age of 10 is welcome to explore mythical universes or galaxies far away.

AMC Theaters Welcomes a New Addition to Its Entertainment Offering

The new immersive entertainment venue on the East Coast comes into being thanks to a partnership forged between Dreamscape and AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) – the world’s largest movie theater chain.

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“Our long-time partnership with Dreamscape delivers on AMC Theaters’ mission to provide a best-in-class, innovative experience to audiences everywhere,” said CEO and President of AMC Entertainment, Adam Aron, in a press release “We’re excited to bring Dreamscape virtual reality to the Greater New Jersey and New York metro area at Dreamscape at AMC Garden State, offering moviegoers a futuristic adventure that takes entertainment to new heights.

What Guests Can Experience at the New VR Destination in New Jersey

On November 19, Dreamscape has opened its doors in Paramus with three of its most popular experiences:

  • Alien Zoo – an intergalactic world where visitors can play with and pet fantastic creatures and fight side by side with them against a terrible predator;
  • Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure – in this experience, participants get immersed in the jungles of Mesoamerica, and are on a quest to find the lost pearl protected by a deadly curse;
  • DreamWorks Dragons: Flight Academy – guests can ride dragons and go to the Hidden World to perform daring rescue missions together with their friends. Take care, your dragon can kill enemies, but also set the whole world ablaze!

Dreamscape VR location 3 VR Experiences 'Now Ticketing'

Dreamscape planned the launch of their new VR destination carefully together with the hosting venue. As Jay Daly, senior general manager at Westfield Garden State Plaza says: “Dreamscape’s premium VR technology transports our guests to a whole new world from their own backyard, and we are excited for the creative possibilities it holds for our guests during this upcoming holiday season.”

Dreamscape Partners With Zoe Immersive to Make 3D Content Creation Simpler

In parallel with expanding to the East Coast, Dreamscape has also recently partnered with Zoe Immersive to to simplify VR creation and expand the reach of Dreamscape Learn. Zoe’s technology involves a toolkit for creating 3D worlds that can be deployed across all platforms without coding. This is the easiest way to create immersive experiences, even for a novice. Using Zoe Interactive’s innovative toolkit, business professionals, teachers, students, and even 3D enthusiasts can create their own magical worlds.

Now, leveraging the Dreamscape VR platform and the user-friendly toolkit, the world of immersive experiences creation is open to anyone. For Walter Parkes, co-founder and CEO of Dreamscape, this is the logical development path for interactive technologies.

Dreamscape and Zoe Screen Shot 1

“We see the future of education, work, and play as virtual activities, where shared social spaces serve as the backbone for learning, exploration, and problem-solving. Zoe Immersive’s toolset is a great democratizer of this process,” said Parkes “By simplifying VR creation and putting these powerful tools into the hands of many, our companies hope to further expand the availability of the unique immersive VR experiences which can be built on the Dreamscape platform.” 

Undoubtedly, the new VR destination as well as other Dreamscape properties will benefit from the unleashed creative power of many people, who can express their ideas without having to code.

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