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30th Raindance Film Festival to Showcase Skits & Giggles, the First Live VR Comedy Show in Horizon Worlds

Double Eye Studios’ “VR-iety” comedy show Skits & Giggles sets the virtual stage for fans to engage in a synchronous feel-good show at the 30th Raindance Film Festival.


Comedy skits go virtual for the first time ever in Horizon Worlds with Skits & Giggles VR comedy show at the 30th Raindance Film Festival. The festival is taking place in London, from October 26 until November 5, while Raindance Immersive lasts for one month, from October 26 until November 26.

As metaverse projects grow and diversify, live entertainment and performances are slowly, but surely, finding their place in the virtual world.

On October 30, 2022, XR production studio Double Eye Studios will debut Skits & Giggles, the first live VR comedy show in Horizon Worlds. The show is packed full of interactive skits and musical numbers for the audience to enjoy and celebrate together in real time.

Celebrating Variety Comedy Shows in the Metaverse

The 30th Raindance Film Festival will feature the top indie films in the United Kingdom for 2022. This year also marks Raindance’s seventh year of acknowledging and celebrating extended reality. XR developers, performers, and virtual concept designers take the spotlight in the Raindance Immersive program. Among the live immersive performances nominated for Best Immersive Performance is Skits & Giggles from Double Eye Studios.

Skits & Giggles VR comedy show

XR production studio Double Eye Studios has long been honing its craft in delivering interactive performances in the digital and virtual space of the metaverse. As metaverse projects diversify and technology advances, bringing comedy and laughter into the metaverse is gradually becoming a reality.

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Immersive VR performances broaden the functionality of the metaverse. Beyond video games and social hangout spaces, the metaverse is a complex digital space where users can indulge in a variety of activities.

Live VR Comedy Show in Horizon Worlds

Double Eye Studios partners with Horizon Worlds in setting up the stage for Skits & Giggles. Horizon Worlds opens an avenue of endless opportunities for XR creators to collaborate and introduce the world to a new era of entertainment. The metaverse platform plays a crucial role in setting up the stage and atmosphere of an interactive performance.

Skits & Giggles is a pivotal experience for the team of Double Eye Studios, as they explore various ways to interact and connect with a virtual audience in real time. The VR comedy show will be led by Carmen and Val. Just about any topic will be touched on, from the latest trends and memes on social media to lifestyle hacks and finance tips never taught before in school.

VR comedy show Skits & Giggles

Skits & Giggles features an illustrious cast of performers and comedians. Attendees can expect hilarious sketches, musical performances, and more from the comedian and TikTok personality Grace Reiter, standup comedian Joseph Lymous, and performers Lisa Sanaye Dring, McKenna Harrington, Sam Given, and Nick Mestad.

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Experience the Live VR Performance Skits & Giggles

Best Immersive Performance nominee Skits & Giggles will make its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London. On October 30, 2022, at 2 PM EST, the VR comedy show will go live in Horizon Worlds, where the audience can engage in synchronous interaction with the show’s hosts.

Attendees are not required to present festival accreditation to attend the live performance. Instead, they need to book in advance. Show dates, times, and ticketing information is available on the official Skits & Giggles show page.


In the meantime, interested participants can prepare their accounts in Meta Quest 2 and Horizon Worlds. To date, the Horizon Worlds metaverse project is available in select regions only: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland, and Iceland.

Attendees must create their accounts before the festival’s official launch to secure their participation in the VR comedy show.

Double Eye Studios and the Future of VR Performance

The XR production studio did not stumble upon virtual reality by chance. Founded in 2009, by Kiira Benzing, the woman-owned Double Eye Studios found its roots in diversifying the XR industry. From here, the Double Eye Studios team hones its craft in developing stages and performances for live theater, XR design, and world-building. In addition, the team showcases strong skills in game design, full post-production, and software development.

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Double Eye Studios leads the world in embracing virtual theater production. With connectedness and interactivity at the studio’s core, the team pushes to deliver storytelling from a new direction. The rise of virtual reality motivates the Double Eye team to open new avenues for conversation and sharing of narratives among diverse and inclusive audiences.

Embrace the VR-iety

Variety shows and live performances in the metaverse are no longer impossible. The collaborative design of metaverse projects allows XR creators to explore all methods of interaction and stage design to launch VR performances for audiences around the world to engage in and enjoy. As the concept of the metaverse matures, entertainment will diversify beyond video games and social spaces.

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