Friday, January 27, 2023
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Epson Launches Moverio BT-45 Line of Hearty Enterprise Smart Glasses

The new durably-built, versatile mounting AR headsets from Epson Moverio.


Epson has a very diverse selection of AR wearables in its enterprise tech portfolio. This month, that selection got more diverse with the launch of two new smart glasses in a new BT-45 product line. Let’s take a look.

The Moverio BT-45 Series

Moverio’s previous line of headsets, the BT-40 series, was based around virtual screens and heads-up displays. The BT-45 series is focused on remote support and collaboration and consists of two similar models.

“Field service is undergoing a transformation, with many businesses shifting to remote assistance and adopting immersive AR technology to help enhance work efficiency, save costs and improve workplace safety,” Epson America, Inc. Augmented Reality Associate Product Manager, Nathan Cheng, said in a blog post announcing the devices.

Epson Moverio BT-45 Series AR smart glasses use cases

Both smart glasses models feature binocular, full-color, 34-degree 1080p Si-OLED displays in a durable halo-style headset with optional helmet mounting. Both models also have distinctions that set them apart for different use cases.

“As a pioneer in the AR space with over 10 years of innovation, the latest Moverio platform delivers advanced image quality in a binocular display with improved performance and wearability to provide a more immersive and shared viewing experience to today’s remote workforce,” Cheng said.

Moverio® BT-45C Smart Glasses

The BT-45C AR smart glasses feature a USB-C interface allowing users to run additional applications off of a connected Android or Windows device.

Moverio BT-45C Smart Glasses

Moverio® BT-45CS Smart Glasses

The BT-45CS features the same basic tech specs as the BT-45C, but comes with a cable-connected touchscreen controller and an optional overhead strap. Because it can’t connect to external devices, the BT-45CS has an SD slot. This “turnkey” model is designed to be easier to use than the potentially more versatile BT-45C.

Moverio BT-45CS Smart Glasses

Accessories and Extras

Both smart glasses come with the usual paraphernalia like a carrying case and lens wipes, as well as headbands and helmet clips. They also come with light shades and clear shades for operating in different work environments.


The idea of having a more user-friendly controller-enabled model and a controller-free model for more advanced users is a pretty typical game plan for Epson Moverio. Some of the features and functions of the BT-45 series taste a little fresher as the last few smart glasses by the company have had a smaller form factor for less industrial settings.

This makes sense. During the worst of the pandemic, a number of headset manufacturers explored lower-weight models for workers away from their desks. Now, many industry providers are focusing on remote work, remote support, and the “skills gap.”

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A Pure Enterprise Play

One more trend of interest is that Epson Moverio is staying close to its enterprise focus. While other enterprise providers are trying to replicate the form factors that we expect from consumer products and, in some cases, opening their availability, Epson is sticking with pure enterprise plays. This lets them focus on their solutions at a more affordable price.

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