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Valo Motion Celebrates RPM Raceway’s ValoArena Success and “Stomp Squad” Launch

Valo Motion takes entertainment to new heights with new game launches and ValoArena installations.


Finnish game company Valo Motion is rousing the immersive reality industry with two exciting updates. With the remarkable success of RPM Raceway’s ValoArena installations and the introduction of Stomp Squad on ValoJump, Valo Motion is solidifying its position in physically active and fun immersive experiences space.

Let’s dive into these developments and explore the impact they have on the world of interactive entertainment.

RPM Raceway: A ValoArena Success Story

RPM Raceway, a New York-based Family Entertainment Center chaink, has taken their immersive attractions to new heights with mixed reality playground ValoArena. After experiencing “tremendous” success with the first installation at their Long Island location, RPM Raceway has decided to invest in a second ValoArena for their Stamford, CT venue.

Valo Motion ValoArena RPM Raceway

According to Valo Motion, ValoArena has quickly become RPM Raceway’s top attraction, surpassing other VR experiences and even top-tier arcade machines. Players are transported into a realm where their actions and movements become an integral part of the exhilarating gameplay, providing an immersive experience that defies conventional boundaries.

This unattended 6-player mixed reality playground has proven to be a revenue-generating powerhouse, combining physical activity with social gameplay and exciting ROI potential. The success of ValoArena further cements Valo Motion’s commitment to providing physically active and engaging experiences in the FEC industry.

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“What’s so impressive about ValoArena is that it generates more than enough revenue to substantiate its large footprint,” said Chris Kimlingen, RPM Operations Manager, in a press release shared with ARPost. “The numbers don’t lie, investing in a second ValoArena was really a no-brainer.”

As RPM Raceway forges ahead in their commitment to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences, their partnership with Valo Motion continues to thrive, driving the industry forward and fueling the imagination of players seeking extraordinary adventures.

“Stomp Squad”: A Cooperative Trampoline Adventure

Last week Valo Motion unveiled Stomp Squad, an innovative game set in the captivating universe of Super Stomp, one of their most popular ValoJump experiences. In this futuristic world, players must join forces to protect Stomp Lake City from the notorious MegaFrog, a villain with nefarious intentions to destroy the city because of its advanced technology. The players are in for an adrenaline rush as they leap into action and stomp on evil robots.

“Valo Motion is incredibly excited to debut Stomp Squad,” noted Raine Kajastila, Founder and CEO of Valo Motion. “We’re committed to delivering unforgettable experiences that combine physical activity and cutting-edge technology; Stomp Squad does that while also encouraging teamwork. We can’t wait for guests to try it.”

Valo Motion ValoJump Stomp Squad game

Like other Valo experiences, Stomp Squad is an immersive cooperative game that combines physical activity, fun socialization, and virtual environments. Seamlessly integrating augmented reality and motion tracking, the Stomp Squad experience transcends traditional gaming, providing an opportunity for players to embrace their inner heroes and embark on an unforgettable trampoline adventure. Aside from having fun, players also cultivate skills such as spatial awareness, precise jumping, and teamwork.

Valo Motion: Committed to Continued Innovation That Redefines Gaming and Entertainment

These latest developments from Valo Motion add to their impressive portfolio of immersive entertainment. From the intergalactic adventure of Astro Blade to the thrilling heist in Operation Money Grab, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of mixed reality gaming. Since the official launch of the ValoArena in the United States, Valo Motion has been capturing the attention of both operators and players seeking unique and thrilling experiences.

Valo Motion is certainly redefining the future of gaming and entertainment. The recently celebrated sale of their 1000th AR gaming system indicates the growing demand for their immersive products. Through their commitment to advanced technology, Valo Motion is transforming the landscape of interactive experiences, captivating audiences and attracting visitors to FECs worldwide.

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