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QReal Launches Multi-Brand, Multi-Category AR Virtual Try-On App TRYO

TRYO offers a new virtual try-on experience that revolutionizes the way we shop online.


Virtual try-on is not an entirely novel concept. Converse, for one, first offered this shopping experience back in 2010 through The Sampler iPhone app which leveraged augmented reality. However, limitations on technology and devices hampered the adoption of virtual try-on.

With the rising popularity of online shopping today, virtual try-on is getting the spotlight. As it helps address challenges in online shopping, it enables consumers to get the best possible experiences when shopping on digital platforms.

Addressing Challenges in Online Shopping

In 2021, online retail sales in the United States amounted to $1.050 trillion. However, the amount of merchandise returned accounts for approximately 20.8 percent of this figure. That’s a whopping $218 billion in returns.

One contributing problem to this loss is the difficulty shoppers face in finding out how an item will fit or look on them without trying it on. This results in ill-fitting clothing, wrong shades, unmet expectations, and other issues that compel buyers to return the products.

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Leveraging advanced AR and VR technology, virtual try-on presents an effective solution to this problem. This digital tool lets shoppers try on items before purchasing them. A smartphone, an app, and a few taps of their fingertips are all they need to make better selections when shopping online.

A Snap research substantiates how effective virtual try-on is. In their recent research, 80% of shoppers said that they feel more confident in their purchases as a result of using AR. The same research shows that 2 out of 3 shoppers are less likely to return a product after using AR.

Still, shoppers have limited options when it comes to using this functionality. Not all brands have virtual try-on apps. Also, shoppers have to visit different online boutiques or download multiple apps to use the virtual try-on.

This is something the newly-launched TRYO – a virtual try-on experience that lets shoppers view multiple brands and multiple categories in one library – could help with.

QReal AR Virtual Try-On App TRYO

TRYO’s Virtual Try-On: Revolutionizing How People Shop Online

TRYO strives to become the engine that powers the next evolution of shopping. It is creating a vast library of 3D branded models including products from Gucci, Cartier, and Adidas to name a few.

TRYO provides online shoppers with a one-stop shopping experience. Through advanced AR tech, shoppers can virtually try on footwear, watches, hats, eyewear, and other merchandise. From over 500 items at the time of the launch, TRYO’s library of ultra-realistic branded models will be growing fast with new products planned to be added weekly.

TRYO AR virtual try-on app

As TRYO offers brands an easy way to provide exceptional shopping experiences, we can expect more rapid adoption of virtual try-on technology across the industry.

“We want to show brands how easy it could be to embed a virtual try-on experience into their own websites,” said Mike Cadoux, co-founder of TRYO, and Managing Director at QReal, in a press release shared with ARPost.  “It may seem like a daunting task, but we’re able to do it. TRYO shows it can be done.”

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Developed by QReal, The Glimpse Group subsidiary, TRYO features world-class 3D and AR capabilities. It is now available for download in the App Store. Shoppers can also view the 3D models in the TRYO digital showroom.

The Future of Shopping Is More Exciting

Virtual try-on apps bring value to both brands and shoppers. Brands are able to deliver memorable shopping experiences that delight shoppers and make their buyer journeys seamless and enjoyable. They are also able to ensure customer satisfaction and lessen the need for returns. Ultimately, utilizing virtual try-on technology impacts the entire industry and makes shopping more exciting.

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