The Multiverse: What It Is, Its Benefits, and Its Role in Helping Build the Metaverse

The spotlight is currently on the metaverse, but the concept of the multiverse, or multiple virtual universes, is slowly gaining traction.


The metaverse continues to gain popularity worldwide. Though it depends on how you define the metaverse, it’s estimated that it has over 400 million active users monthly, and the global metaverse market is projected to surpass USD 1.3 trillion by 2030.

While the metaverse is a relatively established concept, a comprehensive idea of the metaverse is slowly gaining traction: the multiverse. With the rapid and constant change that the world is experiencing due to continuous technological innovations, how we communicate and access information has dramatically changed over the years.

For this article, we talked with Ronny Tome, the founder of a blockchain company Ducatus Global, to help us shed more light on the multiverse, what it is, and what it will play in bringing the metaverse to life.

What Is the Multiverse?

Before defining what the multiverse is, let’s do a quick review of what the metaverse is. As defined by Tome, a metaverse is a shared space that’s created when physical and virtual realities come together.

It is an immersive environment that goes beyond the traditional concept of virtual reality as entertainment, the metaverse connects anyone – anywhere and anytime – with others in a virtual environment that offers possibilities for social interaction, community, business, and more. Today and arguably the future’s metaverse is believed to be the next evolution of the Internet,” he said.

Meanwhile, the multiverse “is the home of multiple metaverses,” as Tome puts it. In the multiverse, users can discover and experiences different metaverses all at once, even if the diverse ecosystems are disparate. To expand on the concept of the multiverse, it’s a virtual space where users can also interact with each other.

Multiverse vs. Metaverse: What Are Their Differences? 

Some of the key differences between the metaverse and the multiverse are as follows, according to LeewayHertz:

  • The metaverse is one shared virtual universe, while the multiverse houses multiple virtual universes.
  • The metaverse is interconnected, while the multiverse contains several disparate ecosystems.
  • In the metaverse, users can have ownership over their digital assets, whereas, in the multiverse, users won’t be able to own their investments in separate ecosystems.

However, while they may be two different things, Tome said in the interview that the metaverse and the multiverse will complement each other, meaning there’s no competition between these virtual universes.

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Tome then introduced the idea of the GOLD Multiverse, Ducatus Global’s vision of the multiverse and part of the Ducatus Ecosystem, which allows users to utilize their rewards and tokens in the metaverse and real life. Think of it as a blockchain with multiple layers comprised of different universes where users can do activities like shopping for clothing in a virtual world and then visiting a garden in real life, all of which are connected to the metaverse.

Benefits of the GOLD Multiverse

So, how can organizations benefit from the multiverse?

According to Tome, the GOLD Multiverse opens up more opportunities for users.

In the GOLD Multiverse, there are various metaverses, which we call worlds, that are dedicated to different values, interests, and persuasions. There’s a world of sustainability in Garden of Life, a world of heritage and tradition with the Queen Margherita Napoli, a world of health and fitness in META Gym, and more,” he said.

Tome goes on to say that, for instance, if someone is interested in bodybuilding, then they’d go to the META Gym. However, before they can get there, they’d have to go through what he calls a “gateway,” where they’ll be able to discover other worlds, which can potentially hold new opportunities for them.

For organizations planning on venturing into the multiverse, Tome suggests that it’s best to be clear about their objectives and that they should “have the tenacity to fulfill these objectives.”

For ordinary users, the GOLD Multiverse also holds several benefits, according to Tome, such as:


Users can support their preferred advocacies regardless of their location.


In the GOLD Multiverse, users (organizations and individuals) can freely interact with each other without any limitations of borders or influence.


Users can enjoy limitless learning. They can still access new information, skills, and more with minimal resources.


In the GOLD Multiverse, users can unite and bond over shared interests.

Financial Opportunities

Each metaverse offers various chances to grow financially, either by receiving rewards or making use of the skills developed through learning experiences or by promoting their brands to users,” said Tome.

The Role of the Multiverse in Bringing the Metaverse to Life

Our vision for GOLD Multiverse is shaped by the values of openness and inclusivity. We believe that by serving as a gateway, the GOLD Multiverse magnifies the potential of each metaverse. Potential to be seen more, experienced more, and supported by more people,” said Tome. “With a single entry through this gateway, you will immediately be made aware of the existence of the various worlds that you can discover.”

However, while the concept of the multiverse seems promising, some challenges remain. Tome notes that these challenges, such as glitches and downtime, are commonly faced by anyone going online.

Nothing is certain. But if we are committed to our goals and objectives, the work will never stop. Technology is never constant, it’s always evolving, improving, striving to be better, and always looking for the next best thing,” Tome remarked.

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Tome adds that the mission of the GOLD Multiverse is to help different projects proceed with the development of their respective metaverses.

Our role extends beyond constructing or designing the virtual space, we also offer our expertise in making sure that objectives and goals are met,” he shared. When asked if there are any real-world rules that govern the multiverse, Tome shared that if these refer to government regulations, they’re not aware of any such practices.

As a company though, we abide by strict professional standards in the way we do business and our work in general. We practice due diligence and vet the projects that we allow into our blockchain and the multiverse – this is our very own GOLD standard,” said Tome.

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