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Augmented Reality Apps and the Post and Parcel Industry

A recent report details how AI, Robotics and Augmented Reality Apps will revolutionize the delivery of mail and packages.

Augmented reality apps will revolutionize many industries. One such industry is post and parcel delivery. Digital disruption in the post and parcel industry will see robots and driverless vehicles delivering the mail, augmented reality creating efficiencies in delivery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) making it easier to connect customers to products and services, according to new research from Accenture (NYSE:ACN).

Accenture’s The New Delivery Paradigm examines the business practices of 25 postal organizations and delivery companies to derive insights on how cutting edge digital technology will impact the industry. As digital natives like Amazon begin to horn in on the logistics behind the delivery of parcels, the mainstay post and parcel delivery organizations would do well to take heed.

One of the key findings: Investments in advanced digital technologies could help generate more than $500 million of value annually for an average post and parcel organization. The right digital strategy also could unlock the potential of 22nd century and last-mile delivery systems and remain relevant in an industry facing not only declining mail volumes but also increased competition for hyper local delivery and a rapidly changing last-mile landscape to fight for growing parcel volumes.

Organizations must consider three areas to be successful, according to the report:

  • Digital in core operations: Data-driven operations excellence that uses insight and prediction to realize efficiency gains in processing and fulfillment
  • Digital customer interactions: Reinventing the customer experience to offer more personalized, efficient and convenient services for both consumers and businesses
  • New digital delivery models: Radically altering the cost profile and capabilities of last-mile delivery network
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Augmented reality apps will also play a major part in how the post and parcel industry is reshaped. Providing drivers with the ability to get realtime updates on the best, most efficient ways for them to deliver their products safely and effectively will increase productivity.

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