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10 Exciting Augmented Reality Games for Android

Ready for some action? Get your Android phone, gather your friends and start playing these amazing augmented reality games.

Mobile phone games are one of the top ways to get away from stress and enjoy a small break during lunch at work. They stimulate creative thinking and are exciting both for children and adults to play.

When games are enhanced by augmented reality, things get even better. There is a stronger feeling of being “in” the game. At the same time, the regular urban landscape around us is transformed into magic kingdoms, or zombie apocalypse environments – all according to your wishes.

Today we’ll share with you the list of our favorite top 10 augmented reality games available for Android phones.

1. Ingress

Developed by the same team at Niantic, which created Pokémon Go, Ingress creates a world where you can choose to be a Liberal who controls people, or the Opposition who tries to restore freedom for all. All you have to do is capture energy from various portals available around you, in your home city. These portals can be found around popular landmarks such as parks, historical buildings, monuments, etc. Various collectible items will help you level up faster and accomplish your mission more easily.

Producer: Niantic / Download: Google Play

2. Pokémon Go

There is probably little need to describe this game, but here we go. This game is all about getting out of the house and exploring your neighborhood for hidden Pokémon characters and capturing them. Some rare characters can only be spotted at special locations and, of course, there are a lot of players with their phones ready to capture them ahead of you.

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While the unprecedented craze of the game died out, it is still a very popular one, and it is useful to get people off their armchair, doing some healthy exercise.

augmented reality games pokemon go
Image Source: Google Play

Producer: Niantic / Download: Google Play


3. Clandestine: Anomaly

Fans of tower defense games will love this AR Android game, which features great looking graphics and complete voice-acted story. The scenario: aliens will invade your neighborhood, so you have to patrol them and, using your phone camera, identify alien weapons and send troops to destroy them.

augmented reality games clandestine: anomaly
Image Source: Google Play

Producer: ZenFri / Download: Google Play



This game combines real world and augmented reality in an exciting and extremely engaging first person shooter. You can play together with your friends, create teams, assign enemies and fight them. All this in real life engagement! The game is still under development, but players can test its Beta version.

Producer: Proxy42 Inc / Download: Google Play


5. Garfield GO

This is one of the many games featuring the world’s most famous fat orange cat, but the first one to feature augmented reality. In this game, you have to help Garfield find treasures (rare collectible comics) and feed him his favorite treats. The game also features real life prizes, such as Amazon Gift Cards, VISA prepaid cards and Domino’s pizzas.

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10 Exciting Augmented Reality Games for Android
Image Source: Google Play

Producer: Freeze Tag Games / Download: Google Play


6. Zombie GO

It’s all fun and games until the zombies invade. In Zombie GO, you get to chase zombies all over your neighborhood. Watch out, because they can pop out from around the corner or right from under your own car.

Producer: HITGPX Media / Download: Google Play


7. Warp Runner

This game has a little twist compared to others. Instead of being trapped in a fantasy world, your character has to escape the real world you live in. By warping the landscape with your fingers on the mobile screen, you can solve various puzzles, the reward being a path leading the character towards escape.

Producer: Visionaries 777 / Download: Google Play


8. Gun Camera 3D Simulator

In this game, you get to test a wide range of weapons on real life objects using your phone camera. The game has incredibly realistic augmented reality representations of how each gun feels, sounds and what effects it creates. It is a must have for first person shooter and RPG games fans, but also for people who are interested in learning more about firearms.

10 Exciting Augmented Reality Games for Android
Image Source: Google Play

Producer: BellApps / Download: Google Play


9. Table Zombies

To play this game, you need to install the game on your phone and print a marker from this link. Place the marker on a flat surface and view it through the phone camera once you’ve started the game. Zombies won’t fail to show up and you need to defeat them!

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Producer: SRG United Solutions / Download: Google Play


10. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

The world outside has hidden clues and trails, leading to exciting treasures. All you have to do to see them is install Temple Treasure Hunt Game, point your phone camera ahead and the clues will appear. You will follow them to reach the ancient Shiva Temple, where the most amazing treasure lies buried. Of course, you cannot succeed on your own, so call your friends and find the treasure!

Producer: MobiTech Solutions / Download: Google Play


Have you heard of, or played, any augmented reality game that you really liked? Maybe you are building one? We’d love to hear about them so send us a tip!

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