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10 Cool Augmented Reality Apps for iOS

Fitness, shopping and home improvement are now more exciting thanks to augmented reality apps.

Augmented reality apps for iPhones really took off since the launch of ARKit for iOS. With the newly launched iPhone X, featuring the largest screen so far for an Apple phone, no bezels and a powerful camera and processor, developers can start working on the most complex and immersive AR experiences.

In fact, the market is already booming with entertainment, utility, educational, shopping and fitness apps which make use of augmented reality to deliver the most realistic and interactive experience possible for every aspect of our lives. To prove this point, we looked at the most popular iOS augmented reality apps and will share with you our top ten picks.

1. IKEA Place

Try before you buy is the new slogan for many retail companies. IKEA is one of these companies and its dedicated app allows customers to see how various products would look in their home. At the present, over 2,000 products are included in the app, quite enough to furnish an entire home.

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2. Night Sky

Do you want to know the name of every star in the sky and to which constellation it belongs? With the AR iOS app Night Sky, you can. If you opt for the paid version of the app ($1.99 per month), you can access the Grand Orrery feature which projects the entire Solar System on any flat surface in your home.

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3. Ink Hunter

Think before you ink – this is a smart piece of advice for anyone thinking to get a tattoo. With Ink Hunter, you will be able to see exactly how a tattoo will look on your skin before actually getting it done.

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4. Carrot Weather

What if weather forecasts added a bit of twisted humor to their bland language? This is what the creators of Carrot Weather decided to do: create an augmented reality app that projects the weather forecast on any surface around you and adds a few snarky comments. If you want to find a few reasons to smile this coming winter, then Carrot Weather is probably worth those $4.99 it costs to install it.

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5. TapMeasure

Will the new poster fit between the other two? How much internet cable should I buy to arrange it neatly around the floor lines? Is that photo a bit crooked, or is it my imagination? No more questions and doubts like these if you install TapMeasure, the app that measures lengths and angles with top precision. The app is free to use, some features (such as exporting CAD renders) are available for a charge.

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6. Housecraft

Ready to redecorate your entire house? Housecraft allows you to imagine every possible placement for your existing furniture. All it takes is one rainy weekend going from room to room with your iPhone in hand, and once the work is done you won’t recognize your own home!

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7. Fitness AR

Before you go cycling, you should know the precise route you will take, its pitfalls and difficult areas. Fitness AR allows you to do just that – it creates a 3D projection of your training route on any flat surface in your home. This allows you to evaluate its degree of difficulty and select the adequate equipment for it.


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8. SpyGlass

When out on a hiking trail, this is a cool thing to try: turn your phone into a spyglass. Once activated, the app projects a compass, GPS information, waypoint tracker, and other useful data to help you know in what direction to go and avoid getting lost.

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9. Edmunds AR app

Are you shopping for a new car? Before you seal the deal, you’d better make sure it fits in your garage, especially if you are upgrading from a sedan to a SUV. With Edmunds AR app for iPhone you can do that with maximum accuracy.

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10. Giphy World

Do you love funny GIFs? They are a part of our social media communication now. Why wouldn’t they find their way to our real world as well? Giphy allows you to place GIFs over your regular environment, and record the entire interaction.

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