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Augmented Reality App by Toys“R”Us Transforms Its Stores Into Digital Playgrounds

Toys"R"Us launched a new augmented reality app, Play Chaser, which aims to offer a differentiated shopping and play experience. It’s free to download.

Toys”R”Us, renowned as one of the leading retailers in toys and baby products, launched a new augmented reality app, Play Chaser. With this app, Toys”R”Us aim to offer a differentiated shopping and user experience.

With their Play Labs  and the new augmented reality app, the company is continuing its mission to make shopping for toys fun and interactive, and to set play free for kids of all ages.

toysRus augmented reality app

PlayFusion, who have some of the best tech experts in the toy industry, was enlisted to create the augmented reality app. With their computer vision technology, they developed Play Chaser, an app that activates various AR games and plays experiences on smart devices.

A test run in 23 stores allowed kids to race monster trucks, play virtual basketball and have a peek into a world of nature full of safari animals. Currently, the app has been rolled out to all Toys”R”Us stores nationwide.

toysRus augmented reality app

Once the app is opened, players unlock play experiences on their devices simply by scanning the Play Chaser signage featured in the stores.

The first scan point set at the front of the store features everyone’s favorite giraffe. Scanning the sign activates Geoffrey, a virtual giraffe who pops out to welcome kids to the store and send them off on a quest to discover all that the store has to offer. With more than 10 play experiences, there is something for every kid. From popping virtual balloons to fishing in a virtual pond or caring for digital baby dolls, the store will make shopping a fun experience for both adults and kids.

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According to the Global Chief Merchandising Officer, Richard Barry, Toys”R”Us believes that customers want more than just a toy shop. With Play Chaser, the stores transform shopping for toys into something more. The app brings the stores to life with unique products and interactive content that will resonate with consumers and kids.

The augmented reality app is free to download for both iOS and Android. What’s more, the app does not have ads or in-app purchases that can lead to accidental spending.

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