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ThirdEye Debuts X1 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses at CES 2018, Opens Pre-Orders

AR company ThirdEye showcases its top-of-the-line augmented reality smart glasses, X1, at CES 2018, together with its associated hands-free AR software.


ThirdEye Gen, a company with 20 years of experience in developing augmented reality projects for the US Department of Defense, has launched its flagship commercial product at CES 2018 – the X1 augmented reality smart glasses.

The product is the result of the long experience of the company working at the highest level of professionalism and demands. X1 augmented reality smart glasses preserve the rugged military design, but offer the comfort and ease of use of any top-tier AR glasses currently available on the market.

Heavy-Duty Performance

In a world of smartphone-based AR experiences, the X1 augmented reality smart glasses offer a more convenient and productive alternative: hands-free interactions in the AR environment. The product developed by ThirdEye Gen features top-level performance and components:

  • The largest battery for AR glasses, which offers more than 24 hours of continuous use;
  • 1280 x 720 RGB video resolution;
  • 13 MP HD camera;
  • Photochromic swappable lenses which automatically tint light grey to dark grey depending on natural sunlight;
  • The outer lenses can be replaced by prescription ones;
  • GPS, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis compass, 3-axis accelerometer;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Digital Motion Processor;
  • Stereoscopic dual 720p see-through displays capable of rendering 3D images at 30 fps;
  • MicroSD slot, USB-C port for charging and data transfer, microphone mini jack.
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Thirdeye smart glasses

Innovative Software Platform

The X1 augmented reality smart glasses are running a proprietary AR software suite developed by ThirdEye Gen which offers a “see what I see” perspective on the world.

The software suite is presented in a video created by the company which features a person receiving remote instructions for repairing a printing machine. In the video, the user wearing X1 goggles is able to zoom in the image, while the remote service assistant adds AR graphics to the live image, indicating the malfunction.

The live video assistance can be saved in a secure cloud storage platform, where it can be accessed for further reference.

Aside from this software suite, ThirdEye Gen has also developed applications for AR mapping and Image Recognition, as well as its proprietary ThirdEye App Store. This app store allows developers to upload their free or paid apps. For each paid app sale, the developer receives a percentage.

The X1 augmented reality smart glasses will start shipping during Q1 of 2018. Pre-orders can be placed on the official website of ThirdEye Gen.

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