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LucinaAR – The First Childbirth Simulator Built on Augmented Reality Technology Launched by CAE Healthcare

Healthcare practitioners can now train using augmented reality technology: CAE Healthcare launches LucinaAR simulator.


Augmented reality technology is at the core of the latest innovation of healthcare: LucinaAR, a childbirth simulator developed by CAE Healthcare. The simulation platform uses Microsoft HoloLens AR goggles and a realistic manikin to give healthcare practitioners an immersive experience of what is happening inside a woman’s body during labor and birth.

A Closer-Than-Ever Look at the Miracle of Childbirth

Launched on January 12, 2018, in the evening before the beginning of the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in Los Angeles, California, LuncinaAR is “a breakthrough simulation training experience that allows learners to see the anatomy inside the patient simulator”, according to the President of CAE Healthcare, Dr. Robert Amyot.

The augmented reality technology simulator allows both medical students and clinical teams to get a first-hand experience of childbirth complications, such as emergency labor and shoulder dystocia delivery. Wearing the AR goggles and working on a realistic model of a woman carrying a 9-month-old fetus, learners can practice the movements involved in the safe, natural delivery of a baby.

A Breakthrough in Medical Training

CAE Healthcare is a company specialized in developing training tools for medicine students and healthcare specialists using the latest technology. The company has already used AR technology in the VimedixAR ultrasound simulator.

“Today’s generation of learners expects immersive, engaging and accelerated educational experiences that will prepare them to meet the high demands within healthcare as they constantly adapt to advancing technologies,” further explained Dr Robert Amyot on the company’s drive to create advanced learning system for the healthcare industry.

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The LucinaAR augmented reality technology simulator is presented in the video below, which showcases the benefit of using the hands-free Microsoft HoloLens AR headset together with the manikin. The students are able to focus on the correct succession of movements because they are able to see the position of the fetus inside the womb and its progression through the birth canal.

LucinaAR – The Next Generation Training for Childbirth Clinical Teams

The AR simulator is paired with an extremely realistic human manikin which allows students and clinical teams to look, palpate and feel the motions involved in childbirth. LucinaAR is yet another example of how augmented reality technology impacts and benefits human life.

Currently, the simulator offers the scenario of shoulder dystocia delivery, but, according to the official brochure, normal childbirth and other emergency scenarios will be available soon.

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