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How Can Small Businesses Use Augmented Reality Technology?

Augmented reality technology is no longer the exclusive playground of large corporations – small businesses can include it in their operations, as well.

New technologies are usually expensive and are known to be exclusive to the use of large corporations. This, however, is not the case of augmented reality technology: it has become both popular and affordable and has many practical applications. This means that we can see it incorporated in various products and services, not only those developed by global enterprises, but also by small businesses.

What makes augmented reality technology so present in our daily lives is not just the excitement of novelty and the experience it creates, but the fact that it helps us work better, smarter, and easier. This is what every business owner seeks: ways of making their work simpler and more efficient.

There are many companies across the world, small and medium sized businesses, which are already using augmented reality technology. These are the top ways in which AR can help any entrepreneur step into the next era of doing business:


1. Add a Touch of Originality to Business Cards

Business cards have remained practically unchanged, no matter how every other aspect of business has evolved. They are a square of cardboard, smooth or textured, with words printed on them. Even the most creatively designed one are easy to forget about or lose.

But thanks to augmented reality technology, this will change: once a business partner receives an AR card, they will hold on to it and enjoy the original presentation of contact data. As demonstrated in this video, an augmented reality business card combines the ease of access to data and a video CV in a small, effective and original package.


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2. Real Estate Business Revamped by Augmented Reality Technology

Selling office space or an apartment in a building which has not been completed yet is not easy. Scale models are not really helpful, nor the layout plans. But what if a prospective customer could place their smartphone over these plans and see how the property they prepare to buy will really look like?

AR apps for real estate businesses are extremely popular and affordable. Thus, more and more independent realtors and companies use them to give a more realistic presentation of the properties they have for sale or leasing.

Real Estate Business Revamped by Augmented Reality Technology


3. Marker Based Augmented Reality Bridges Offline and Online Shopping Experiences

One of the simplest ways of implementing augmented reality technology in a small retail business is adding an AR marker on printed catalogs or product packages. With the help of an app such as Blippar, users can access extra information about the product, or even place a quick order.

This concept really transforms the concept of “window shopping” from a style of speech into a daily reality.


4. Better Trained Employees, More Productive Team

A survey conducted by a HR company showed that 40% of poorly trained employees will leave their job within the first 12 months after being hired. For small companies the cost of recruiting employees is already high, having to compete with larger corporations. Losing an employee in such a short time equals a financial loss.

But augmented reality technology has utterly transformed employee training and turned it into an exciting experience, which promotes in-depth learning and long term retention of the acquired information. Using AR goggles and apps for training is one of the most effective ways in which companies worldwide build a solid, loyal, and experienced team.


5. Put Your Business on the Map

Yelp Monocle is a new way of advertising businesses based on location. Instead of showing the information on a map, with Yelp Monocle people can point their phone or tablet camera at the buildings around them, identify businesses and even read reviews left by other customers.

How Can Small Businesses Use Augmented Reality Technology?

6-10. Yelp Monocle and Metro Paris Subway flickr photo by Peter Morville shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

This is possible thanks to augmented reality technology – a technology which can help every business, large and small, find itself prominently displayed for potential customers.


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