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Fit and Zen: Virtual Reality Experiences for Body and Mind

Virtual reality experiences are not only limited to entertainment: sports and relaxation apps help you find your inner peace and outer fitness.

The world of virtual reality experiences is continually expanding. We have VR apps and solutions for entertainment, education and training, business, healthcare and more. But there is a new and growing trend in the field: virtual reality apps and platforms for sports, relaxation, and meditation. After all, if we can do our shopping using VR, why can’t we do our daily fitness and meditation routines in the same manner?

The advantage of virtual reality experiences over other home training programs and methods is that they offer a fully immersive environment where people can truly focus on what they are doing. There are no distractions and intrusions such as noise, the TV or the phone. Once they put on the headset and start the app, the users step into a world which is created specially for them, encouraging them to reach their goals.



Strivr logo virtual reality




STRIVR startup offers virtual reality experiences for professional athletes and amateurs, as well. The company has been developing VR apps and solutions for sports and training for over 20 years and their current program is deemed to offer the best results for team sports. According to a claim on their website “teams have improved recollection of key concepts by more than 30%” using this innovative training solution.

The company was founded by Stanford University graduates and uses the concept of unlimited repetitions of the same routine in a fully realistic and immersive environment.


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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation VR app virtual reality experiences

From intensive sports training, let us move to the peaceful world of finding inner balance through meditation. The fast-paced world we live in leaves us little time to relax and decompress. And Guided Meditation is a helpful companion for these valuable moments, offering exceptional virtual reality experiences for people who enjoy meditating.

Guided meditation VR app virtual reality experiences

Featuring superb 3D landscapes and a fully immersive environment, Guided Meditation is your daily escape to a serene garden, an exotic beach or a lush forest, where your mind can detach from daily stress and worries.



Virtual Sports

Do you love tennis and table tennis (also known as ping pong)? Then Virtual Sports will offer you the virtual reality experiences you’ve been waiting for. The app allows you to play with friends, on your own, or in competitive mode against bots in an extremely realistic and fast-paced environment.

Virtual Sports features eight different play environments and various degrees of difficulty – including a trainer bot which helps players improve their tennis skills and learn the winning strikes of tennis champions.



The virtual reality experiences available in the WiseMind app are also used by doctors and therapists in their work with patients. Among the relaxation techniques included in the WiseMind VR app we really enjoyed the Tai Chi lessons, breathing exercises and Stone Balancing exercises.

WiseMind virtual reality experiences

WiseMind is really useful if you want to learn how to deal with stress and remain calm in difficult situations. The app is compatible with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and OSVR.


Final Soccer VR

Soccer is the king of sports in Europe and South America and has gained a lot of popularity in the US and elsewhere around the world. If you cannot find a soccer team to join, you can have your own VR team in Final Soccer VR.

Final Soccer VR virtual reality experiences

This app offers one of the most immersive and realistic virtual reality experiences. Featuring five different playing modes, the game will allow you to learn and perfect your skills and then try the adrenaline rush of competitive play in an environment which replicates a stadium full of cheering fans.


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