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Augmented Reality Enhances Print Media: BizBash to Relaunch AR-Enhanced Magazine

By combining augmented reality with the print issues, the page becomes a portable mobile screen that is an experience without distraction

BizBash Media is the biggest media company that covers the meeting and event industry. Their first publication was print but in time, it moved across to a digital platform, completely shifting to digital-only issues in 2017. With the relaunch, which will take place in Fall 2018, the aim is to combine print with augmented reality elements.

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The move into the digital world has meant that traditional print media has faded into the background somewhat. In order to keep readers engaged and interested, it is important that media outlets, such as BizBash attempt to reignite the interest of readers and keep them hooked. To achieve this they are introducing AR in an attempt to make their print version edition more appealing.

In 2018, the company aims to deliver two print and digital magazines as well as two digital-only magazines. Over 20,000 power event planners will receive the new revamped printed edition while this exciting magazine will also reach a vast number of planners via its digital platform. Many of these planners are involved in the organisation of programs and events in many of the major markets in New York, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Florida, San Francisco and Toronto as well as many other areas. Not only will those who are involved in the major markets see it but so will many leading professionals beyond these markets. Due to the autumn release of this new edition, the advertising deadline for the publication is July 20, 2018.

“BizBash is taking a leadership role in getting back into publishing print magazines. By combining augmented reality with our print issues, the page becomes a portable mobile screen that is an experience without distraction,” said CEO and founder of BizBash media, David Adler.

“When you see what has done with augmented reality in his graphic comic series, you can see how the technology is a game changer for the print industry. We want to start that journey with our readers to enhance what they see and what they learn from picking up a print edition of BizBash.”

The Issue that will be released in autumn will be based around new venues and event ideas focused around the holidays and Autumn itself. It will also include the BizBash 500, which is a list of the most significant people who are involved in face-to-face experiences. This includes the likes of fund-raisers, event marketing, conferences, events and meeting. Augmented reality will completely revolutionise the way in which advertising and editorial features tell a story.

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