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KIA Motors Joins Selected Beta Partners to Integrate Augmented Reality into Facebook Messenger

KIA Motors will bring augmented reality experiences to Facebook Messenger through a new beta partnership program.

Augmented reality is coming to Facebook Messenger soon, and we already know the name of one of the beta partners selected for this program: KIA Motors America. The Korean-based automobile manufacturer recently announced that it has joined a group of select beta partners that will deliver AR interactions and experiences to Messenger users.

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A Car Maker Eager to Embrace the Latest Technologies

Kia Motors is known for its vivid interest in adopting the latest technologies and creating a superior customer experience. KIA Bot for Messenger is one of the most advanced and popular chatbots and this is one of the reasons why the Facebook team selected the car brand to create interactive experiences for the upcoming augmented reality features of Messenger.

The AI digital assistant developed by KIA Motors, named Kian, programmed to offer information for the entire range of KIA automobiles, was launched in November 2017 and has already received over one million messages.


KIA Stinger gets the Augmented Reality Treatment for Messenger

KIA Motors Joins Selected Beta Partners to Integrate Augmented Reality into Facebook MessengerFor the beta partners program with Facebook Messenger, KIA Motors America selected its latest sports sedan model, Stinger. The director of marketing communications of KIA Motors America, Kimberley Gardiner, explained this choice saying that “the Stinger is like nothing anyone has ever seen from Kia. Therefore, it inspires us to find new and innovative ways to bring this incredible sports sedan to the public and show them everything the car and the Kia brand are capable of achieving.”

The augmented reality experience developed by KIA Motors America for Messenger will allow users to customize the KIA Stinger holographic model in their favorite color and place it in various real life environments: on the driveway, in the garage, etc.



A Win-Win Partnership for Everyone

KIA’s joining the AR Messenger platform has been treated as an important asset for the future of the initiative by the Facebook Messenger team. “We’re thrilled that Kia Motors is showcasing the 2018 Kia Stinger using our new AR effects for Messenger. Integrating AR camera effects into their messaging experience will allow their customers to get up close and personal with the Stinger and visualize the car in a new and engaging way,” stated Heath Black, Messenger Product Manager.

Integrating augmented reality into Messenger is meant to offer users new ways of interacting with each other and with their favorite brands. Given the popularity of the messaging platform, the decision to bring AR to Messenger will help people become familiar with this technology and discover its benefits for entertainment, work, education and more.

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