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DigiLens Prepares to Launch Thinner Augmented Reality Display for Smart Helmets

Motorcycle riders will be safer and more comfortable thanks to the brand new augmented reality display developed by DigiLens.


Smart technologies are now everywhere—including in safety gear for motorcycle riders. Smart helmets with augmented reality displays help drivers get real time information about their speed, traffic ahead, fuel and oil level status, real-time accident warnings etc., without having to look down at the dashboard or smartphone. Recently, a company specializing in this type of display, DigiLens, has announced a new and improved model of its MonoHUD product.

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The New MonoHUD Augmented Reality Display

The company has managed to create a double-lens version of its MonoHUD AR display which is thinner, replacing the three layers of the previous model. This augmented reality display is built with the company’s proprietary waveguide optics technology and materials and, thanks to the design innovations, it can be manufactured at a faster pace. This means that the product becomes more and more affordable and will move down from a premium tier price.

“The increased quality of the two-layer display and the reduction in manufacturing complexity is crucial for our customers. It lowers the production costs and allows them to get product to market quicker. We are already seeing several innovative use cases like motorcycle HUDs and are seeking developers to show us what’s next,” explained the CEO of DigiLens, Chris Pickett.

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The efforts to reduce the cost of this augmented reality display which can save lives on the road by reducing distractions are also materialized in a new manufacturing process. It uses a new inkjet coating which has a significant impact on the throughput. These innovations will push AR displays into the mainstream process of equipping motorcycle helmets, but also other types of helmets.

The MonoHUD augmented reality display can be successfully used for skiing and cycling goggles, but also for gaming headsets. To demonstrate its versatility, DigiLens has already partnered with BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of BMW, to demonstrate the benefits of including such a display in motorcycle helmets.

What Makes MonoHUD Augmented Reality Display Special?

The secret of the ease of use of this type of AR display resides in the waveguide optics technology embedded in it. This technology projects bright, clear and full color images precisely at eye level. Thus, motorcyclists can continue to keep their eye ahead on the road and visualize important information at the same time.

This type of positioning of the holographic information is what makes DigiLens’ MonoHUD AR display special. Other types of augmented reality displays cannot place the information at eye level, requiring helmet wearers to look sideways, up or down, and thus distracting them.

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The New Augmented Reality Display, Soon on a Helmet you can Own

Apart from the collaboration with BMW Motorrad, DigiLens has already established partnerships with Young Optics, a display manufacturer and the official licensee for the MonoHUD. This further led to a collaboration with Sena, an industry leading specialist in Bluetooth communications for motorcycles and action sports.

“By offering the MonoHUD display alongside our premium Bluetooth technology, we are giving riders a safe and next-generation riding experience and look forward to our continued work with Young Optics and DigiLens,” declared the CEO of Sena, Tae Kim.

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