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The Best Skyrim VR Mods

If you are a Skyrim fan, then you must try these VR mods!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most popular online video games at the global level. The reason for this popularity is the wide versatility of the game: players can use a first person or third person perspective and, after completing the initial quest of the game, can choose between continuing the storyline and simply exploring the open world environment of the game. This being said, it was only a matter of time until gamers with coding skills added immersive tweaks to the game, with the help of VR mods.

What are VR Mods?

VR mods are pieces of code that modify or supplement the original source code of a game with the purpose of making it playable in virtual reality. The mods involve giving depth and 3D characteristics to the landscape or the characters, adding full surround sound and improving the haptics of the game (the smooth transition of images as players move around).

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Many players who are skilled at coding have created VR mods for Skyrim. Some of the mods are made by the official developers of the game. However, no matter the source, all the mods we will recommend in this article have been already tested by many players across the world and are proven to be fully compatible with the game.

If you are ready to turn your Skyrim game into a fully immersive experience, these are the VR mods you should try:

Skyrim 2017 Textures

This is one of the first and most detailed VR mods available for Skyrim. It adds realism to the realm of Tamriel, making its plants, animals and people more vivid. If you were unhappy with the details of this territory in the current version of the game, this textures pack is the fix you need—even if you were not really looking for a virtual reality experience.

The most positive changes gamers noted were in the fine details of running waters, leaves and general landscape.

Sounds of Skyrim Complete

No game can be fully immersive without realistic surround sound. Among other VR mods, this is a must-have if you are customizing your Skyrim game for a virtual reality headset.

This VR mod pack contains over 460 different sounds from the game world covering all three main worlds of the game: the Civilization, the Wilds, and the Dungeons.

Vivid Weather Definitive Edition

Being an open world game, Skyrim can be explored in all seasons, and moving through various climates. For a full virtual reality experience, VR mods that mimic realistic weather conditions are mandatory.

With Vivid Weather Definitive Edition you get a full pack of HD renderings for snow, fog, clear sky, thunderstorms, etc. The mod contains over 500 types of weather conditions and offers players control in terms of:

  • Adjusting image saturation
  • Adjusting interior and night brightness
  • Adjusting color grading through Filmic Color Correction.

HD Road Signs

No one likes to get lost, but it happens all the time to players in Skyrim. The old-school road signs used to be barely readable and easy to miss. With this VR mod, they are now available in 2K and 4K resolution, almost like a real-life object. This will definitely help players who want to explore various realms of Skyrim while keeping up with the game quest.

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JK’s Skyrim

Skyrim is an ever expanding world full of lore. And some players have become so skilled at it that they have managed to add to the landscape, the characters and the storyline, making the game richer and more enthralling.

JK’s Skyrim is by far the most complex of all VR mods which attempt to expand the game by adding more content to it. This mod creates a complete overhaul of the most important cities in the game: Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude, Markarath and Riften. It also upgrades smaller towns and villages, adding more characters and buildings to each of them.


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