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BBC Two to Launch Virtual Reality Home Makeover Show

BBC Two is getting ready to broadcast the first home makeover TV show that uses virtual reality to help homeowners redesign their properties.


Do you remember those home makeover TV shows where the homeowners were left in tears because they totally disliked the surprise redesign? That kind of awkward situation will not happen any more on BBC Two, because the British TV station will be using virtual reality for its new show Watch This Space and participants will see the end result before removing a single chair from the room.

Television and Virtual Reality: A Marriage Waiting to Happen

The use of virtual reality in television is more consistent than the way sci-fi movies imagined VR would look like. But now that it is a reality among new technologies, few television shows and series have decided to adopt it. Of course, we do have 360-movies and VR movies, but they were created for the big screen and for online watching. Television is still testing the waters in this respect.

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But BBC Two has decided to take the plunge. The British Broadcasting Corporation has commissioned Remarkable Television VR developers to create a 8×60 format TV series that will be hosted by Angela Scanlon and will benefit from the assistance of architects Laura Clark and Robert Jamison.

The mission of each episode of the series? To help homeowners redesign their properties and get a clear image of the end result before starting the actual work. TV presenter Angela Scanlon is excited about her upcoming show and its innovative format: “Watch This Space will ingeniously use virtual reality, so couples can try out new designs without lifting a rusty hammer or spending a single penny! […] I am absolutely delighted to be involved in this ground-breaking series and to see technology being used in this way for the first time on a British property show. It’s all about improving rather than moving right now and helping homeowners create their dream homes is just magic!”

Angela Scanlon - BBC Two to Launch Virtual Reality Home Makeover Show
Angela Scanlon ; Source: BBC

See Your House Transformed Before Your Eyes

The series will feature couples who cannot agree on how to redecorate their homes. Architects Laura Clark and Robert Jamison will use the information collected about the homeowners’ tastes and preferences and create a harmonious blend of each person’s choices using virtual reality technology.

The couple will be invited by host Angela Scanlon to put on virtual reality headsets and explore the changes suggested by the architects. The culmination of the show is when the couple picks one of the design suggestions.

A Potential Future for TV Shows

Watch This Space has everything it needs to attract large audiences: drama (a couple torn over redesign ideas), innovation (the use of virtual reality) and competition (only one of the two architects’ plans will be selected).

The Controller for BBC Two, Patrick Holland, stated: “This is a really exciting combination of game changing technology and a terrific makeover show. It promises to be the next great property series on BBC Two.”

The use of virtual reality to simulate changes before they actually occur in real life will boost the participants’ willingness to accept being included in various TV shows—not just for property makeover, but for major changes in wardrobe, look, and lifestyle.

Once the first step is taken, it will be more than likely that other television companies will join in and find creative ways to incorporate virtual reality into their shows.

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