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Glowing Gloves: Augmented Reality Sports Game Developed on Apple’s Motion Tracking Technology

Become a professional boxer in Bublar’s augmented reality sports game build on the motion tracking technology developed by Apple.


The latest augmented reality sports game, Glowing Gloves, is striving to make mobile phone gaming more immersive and engaging. The game is developed by Swedish company Bublar and leverages the motion tracking technology included by Apple in the latest version of ARKit augmented reality development platform.

What Makes This Augmented Reality Sports Game Different

glowing gloves augmented reality sports game

The company believes that motion tracking technology embedded in Glowing Gloves will make the gameplay more interactive, immersive, and exciting for players. The game is developed for iOS and requires players to actually move around in order to set their character in motion.

The CEO of Bublar, Magnus Granqvist stated: “It’s amazing to watch two people playing in the same room, seeing each person’s movements transferred in real-time to his or her boxing avatar. With Glowing Gloves, augmented reality is used to create a brand new player-vs-player experience in mobile gaming and we’re inviting everyone to experience this monumental development in immersive smartphone technology.”


How to Play Glowing Gloves

glowing gloves AR sports gameThis augmented reality sports game is all about being active and alert. Players need to physically move in the real world space to make their character advance, draw back and fend the opponent’s attacks. In order to throw punches, jabs and uppercuts, they have to swipe and tap the mobile screen in various combinations.

Whenever a player achieves a spectacular combination of moves, their character’s gloves will start glowing – hence the name of the game. Glowing Gloves can also be played in multiplayer mode.

“We’ve created a new user experience unseen in any mobile game, that allows gamers to virtually experience the highs and lows of a boxing career. Practise some combos in an authentic boxing gym experience and when you’re ready, challenge your friends to a bout. Each opponent will differ, testing your skill and fitness levels,” explained the Game Studio Director at Bublar, Wictor Hattenbach.

Game Availability and Compatibility

Glowing Gloves was recently released as beta version. The game can be downloaded for free on Apple App Store. The augmented reality sports game is compatible with the following iPhone models: 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XS Max. It can also be played on corresponding iPad models.

According to the studio, the game will continue to be developed and enriched with new content and features.

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