Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Sony Pictures Launches Mobile Web AR Experience for Upcoming Spider-Man Movie

Hang out with Spider-Man in the brand new mobile web AR experience launched ahead of the new movie premiere.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film will be launched on December 14. Fans of the superhero do not have to wait until then for an exciting encounter with their superhero. Sony Pictures has a special surprise for them: a mobile web AR experience. For this project, the entertainment giant partnered with 8th Wall, Trigger and Amazon Web Services.

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Enter the World of Spider-Man

The mobile web AR experience created for the upcoming Spider-Man movie allows users to interact with the super hero. They can capture the experience in photos and share them with their friends. The creators made it as simple as possible for users to access this AR universe. In other words, they do not even have to download an app. All they need to do is access the website on their mobile phone and jump straight into the interactive Spider-verse.

The SVP, Digital Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Rose Phillips, shared the reasons for developing this mobile web AR experience as part of the promotion activities. “Spider-Man is a perfect match for AR not only because his acrobatic moves and iconic poses lend themselves well to the format, but because he’s one of the most relatable superheroes.”


A New Page in the Complex Story of Spider-Man

The movie itself will offer fans new insights into their superhero’s story. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for their work of The Lego Movie, joined the production team. Their vision and storytelling skills give life to a different kind of Spider-Man action movie. Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man and moves across various areas of the multiverse.

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The mobile web AR experience uses the proprietary camera developed by 8th Wall, as well as Amazon Sumerian technology. Speaking of the production work for this project, the Executive Creative Director at Trigger, Jason Yim, said:

“Spider-Man is in our DNA. My team has been a digital developer since the first Spider-Man film and Trigger has been developing AR for Spider-Man properties at Sony Pictures since 2014. We’re excited to continue this longstanding collaboration with this experience for Spider-ManTM: Into the Spider-Verse”.


AR Experiences Made Simple for the Audience

Spider-man mobile web AR experienceThe creators of the mobile web AR experience focused as much on design as on the user-friendly approach. Trigger’s Yim stated that the web-based AR is the best way to encourage mass adoption of this technology. “Web AR will not only become the first entry to AR for most audiences, but it will build a foundation of behavior that will lift adoption in social, mobile and head mounted AR,” he said.

His view is in line with the one expressed by Kyle Roche, General Manager at Amazon Sumerian:

Using Amazon Sumerian, the teams at 8th Wall and Trigger were able to deliver an immersive browser based AR experience and do so without any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise. Together with Sony Pictures, we’re changing the way fans experience their favorite web slinger.”

For Spider-Man’s fans, the upcoming movie will be a bittersweet experience in view of Stan Lee’s passing. However, the creator of the Marvel universe recorded his usual cameo appearance in advance, his last contribution to an enduring legacy.

Web AR will not only become the first entry to AR for most audiences, but it will build a foundation of behavior that will lift adoption in social, mobile and head mounted AR.

Go ahead and visit this link to be a part of the Spider-Man mobile web AR experience. It’s pretty cool.


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