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CBS Will Use Augmented Reality and 8K in the Live Coverage of Super Bowl LIII

CBS promises a Super Bowl broadcast like no other with augmented reality graphics and high-definition 8K cameras.

NFL’s  Super Bowl is possibly the best known US sports event at global level. Apart from the game itself, the halftime break features a concert by one of the most popular music stars of the moment. Some of the best known Super Bowl halftime performers include for example Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

This year, the event will take place on February 3. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will witness the battle between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots in the 53rd edition of Super Bowl. And CBS Sports promises viewers a show like no other in their live coverage. The television channel will use cutting edge technology like augmented reality, 8K cameras and wireless handheld cameras on the field.


The Most Hi-Tech Super Bowl: Augmented Reality and Ultra-High Definition Images

Super Bowl LIII will be the first live sports event in television history to feature such an impressive array of high tech. Augmented reality graphics will show viewers various angles and perspectives of key moments in the game. The handheld wireless camera used to generate AR graphics will get up close to the action and capture field-level views.

According to the press release, CBS Sports will use four cameras (including the SkyCam) with live augmented reality graphics. They will also use an additional 10 cameras with trackable first-down-line technology.

The VP of remote engineering and planning at CBS Sports, Mike Francis, said: “We are indeed going to be adding a significant amount of AR graphics to this year’s Super Bowl LIII broadcast from Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This will go far beyond 1st & 10 lines from multiple angles.” He added that this will give viewers a different perspective on the game than they have ever previously seen.


Live Sports in 8K for the First Time on TV Screens

Apart from the AR enhancements, CBS Sports will ensure that viewers enjoy the best image quality ever seen on TV. The 53rd Super Bowl edition will be covered from every angle with 8K and 4K video cameras. Francis explained: “For the first time we are going to be employing virtual graphics in conjunction with mobile, wireless cameras such as our Steadicam, the SkyCam and a TechnoJib.”

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So, the full array of equipment that CBS Sports will use includes:

  • 14 cameras for virtual graphic elements;
  • 1 8K camera for crisp clear images;
  • 16 4K cameras;
  • 9 Sony 4800 camera systems;
  • 28 pylon cameras;
  • 3 goal post super slow motion cameras.

In total, the broadcast will benefit from over 50 camera feeds coming from 115 cameras. The cameras will cover every possible angle of the game play. The viewers will enjoy crisp close-up images of the action, various angle views for the same moment as well as slow-motion replays of key action phases.


Award Winning Augmented Reality Partners

The AR graphics embedded in the live broadcast of Super Bowl LIII will be developed in partnership with specialized companies. SMT, one of the partners, has won 32 Emmy Awards. The other partners are The Future Group, NCam, as well as the well known simulation game developers EA Sports.

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