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NexTech AR Solutions Introduces Augmented Reality Cannabis Dispensary Where It’s Legal

North America gets augmented reality cannabis dispensary in legal areas. Makes it as easy as ordering take-out.

Cannabis is more popular than ever. It’s legal throughout Canada and in states across the US like California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and six others. NexTech AR Solutions is making buying and selling that sticky icky easier with augmented reality.

Augmented Reality and Cannabis Sales

Today, NexTech introduced their new AR Dispensary platform to the world. This includes businesses and dispensaries in legal areas throughout North America.

They’re providing canna-businesses with augmented reality-based sales solutions. 3D and 360-degree image capture allow dispensaries to showcase cannabis products in a digital storefront.

The company notes that it takes only a few lines of code inputted into the back-end of a dispensary’s website. The platform will help show off their freshest strains of flower and also promote the products to use them.

The company says that they also have support for online ordering, pickup, and delivery where it’s legal. How do customers do this?

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech shared with ARPost that “our AR Dispensary is web-based, no app is needed. However, if users want to interact with a holographic ‘budtender,’ they would need to download our ARitize app.”

NexTech Takes Cannabis Mainstream

NexTech Augmented Reality Cannabis DispensaryThe app makes it more convenient to get information from the digital budtender. Users with iOS and Android will want to access the app before heading over to the dispensary.

Typically, customers will head over to their local dispensary to pick up their purchase. This can be a strain of flower, pre-rolls (joints), tinctures, salves, and edibles. There’s also gear like vape pens, cartridges, glassware, and all types of goodies for guests in-store.

But what if you’re short on time or are too cozy or couch-locked to go pick up something? Cannabis businesses can help make the funnel to buy as easy as online ordering takeout food.

For the customer, all it takes is a few taps to see what’s in stock, details about the product, to check out, and deliver. That is, where it’s legal to do so.

“As an end-to-end e-commerce and education solution for the legal cannabis industry, AR Dispensary provides dispensary owners with a comprehensive solution that is scalable, customizable and, most importantly, easy to integrate within an existing web interface,” said Gappelberg.

“Whether a dispensary’s goal is to educate customers on potential health benefits of cannabis or simply to increase sales, AR Dispensary provides the interactive online experience consumers crave that drives brand loyalty and awareness.”

Why They Pair Well Together

Cannabis is popular for many reasons. Some choose it for its power to relieve pain or to help with insomnia. Others use it to party. No judgement.

Because so many people now use it, lines at dispensaries can be quite long. To lower wait times, businesses should consider implementing AR Dispensary.

New and even long-time users can get helpful tips and facts on their local dispensaries site. This helps prevent holding up the budtender and the line.

With cannabis legal in Canada and the United States making progress, there are still many who are unaware or misinformed of the plant’s benefits.

There are also plenty of products that are blooming out of the Green Rush. There’s no better way to learn about what’s available to buy and its benefits than from a dispensary using a cellphone or app.

Augmented Reality Cannabis Dispensary

“When people are planning to make a purchase both in-store and online, many are using the internet to research products to ensure they’re making the right purchasing decision. We do it with clothes, electronics, and other consumer goods – why should cannabis be any different?” Gappelberg said.

“AR Dispensary provides that traditional research and purchase experience for dispensaries that we’ve seen be so successful across a host of other industries. This is truly a next-generation experience that will drive engagement and learning within the cannabis industry.”

The Green Rush Is Real

The cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar one with lots of opportunities. Augmented reality is growing in its own right by seeing the potential in selling the newly legalized commodity.

It’s also stepping up its game with creative marketing. Using 3D images you can turn and see even before you step into the store, is a great way to gain attention to all products.

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Increasing sales with the help of augmented reality is a big benefit as well. Almost everyone has a cell phone and buys things online. With the help of AR technology and access to a digital storefront, buying cannabis will be as easy as buying groceries.

NexTech AR Solutions makes it easier for cannabis customers to search for what they want to buy and gives businesses opportunities to supply what they want.


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