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Technology to the Rescue: Tradiebot WorxAR App Uses Augmented Reality to Help Car Mechanics

The augmented reality app premiered at the AAAA/ Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne.


For car mechanics, diagnosing a problem takes a lot of dirty works under ramps. But thanks to augmented reality, they will be able to find the defective part and decide on the best way to fix a car faster and easier. This is possible thanks to the WorxAR app developed by Australian company Tradiebot.

WorxAR Augmented Reality App – Overlaying Car Schemes over Vehicles

With this app, even enthusiast DIYers will be able to perform simple troubleshooting work with ease. For example, they can access the digital service manual of the car while working on their car. Instead of stopping at every step to check the instructions, they see the information overlaid onto the car itself.

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However, professional car mechanics will experience the true value of WorxAR augmented reality app. They will receive relevant information adapted to the precise context of the job they are doing. Also, they will be able to overlay the scheme of the vehicle onto the car. This will help them assess the true amount of damage and make the best choice.

Therefore, they can opt between repairing a part, ordering a new one or keeping it. Depending on the choice, the app will suggest further actions via voice assistance.

tradiebot worxar augmented reality app

A Game Changer in the Car Repair Industry

The launch of the app at AAAA/ Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne created a lot of hype. Beside visitors who were thrilled to test the augmented reality apps, professionals shared their views.

“This is the next evolution in how information is offered and a real boost to our industry that is struggling to maintain an upskilled workforce. This technology will allow the upskill of future technicians whilst also providing knowledge to technicians in digital format,” Kevin Woolerton, Director of Marketing at PPG.

For Mario Dimoski, the founder of Tradiebot, the new augmented reality app will be “a game changer”. He believes that WorxAR will transform not only car repair work, but also employee training for this job, as well as regular service and maintenance activities.

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Guided by the voice assistant and the simple and intuitive visual overlays, trainees and skilled workers can tackle each job with more confidence. All the information they need is clearly displayed on the mobile phone or tablet screen.

Broader Applications Towards the Digital Transformation of the Auto Industry

Moreover, the augmented reality app can prompt other stakeholders to embrace digitization. For instance car manufacturers, OEM companies and equipment producers can stop creating printed user manuals and repair instructions.

Instead, they can integrate the information in the WorxAR augmented reality app. This will benefit both people who need the information and the environment. For professionals, the hands-free approach to guided repair works is more convenient. As for the environment, less paper waste is certainly good news.

So, Tradiebot WorxAR augmented reality app might be more than just another use case for AR. It can truly be a game changer for the automobile industry.

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