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Kavtek AR App Review: Home Design at Our Fingertips

Modern indoor and outdoor design using mobile AR.


Spring has sprung and with warmer weather comes the opportunity to spruce up our homes. Kavtek is a home design app for iOS and Android phones that uses AR. Now we can envision our homes and backyards in new and exciting ways.

Kavtek Makes Home Design Simplistic

A benefit to having an app like Kavtek, is you don’t have to hire an interior designer to make choices for you. Rather, you’re the designer of your home, office, or yard. This app is for the DIY types and realtors who want to see the way a room will look with a fresh coat of paint, furniture, and flooring before committing to the buy.

For this review I was not a Premium member which you should buy and unlock for $5.99 (at the time of writing). The membership unlocks features to save and share designs and to buy products online. Without it, you’ll view AR couches, light fixtures, paint swatches, and place plants, but won’t get to save your creations.

To test and review the home design app, I used my Samsung Galaxy S8+. It’s an older model mobile phone but it can handle AR apps like Kavtek, so users won’t have to upgrade to use it.

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Interior and Exterior Design with AR

To begin, I started with my living room. I went through a few pages and picked some dark hardwood, ceramic tile, and natural stone flooring. I moved the camera side to side to capture the area as indicated, and it worked.

Once I captured the floor, the rich brown Bruce Ellington flooring appeared. Using my finger I lined up the flooring to fit and used two fingers to twist it into place. The scaling was easy to do, no hassle.

Kavtek aAR app for home design

Moving on to the bathroom, I looked through porcelain tile, slate, stone, and brick samples. Once I found the ceramic star tile of my future dream house I fitted it. While lining the edges and corners up I gathered that users with odd shaped perimeters could use this app.

Although patterns, colors, and 3D images looked great, I wasn’t impressed that the trashcan and hamper didn’t appear on top of the tile. This showed me that the app will detect the floor as a plane, but existing objects are not fitted into the equation. This is a quality fix I wouldn’t mind added to other iterations of the app.

On a home design and makeover mission, I moved to the bathroom to test out how Kavtek’s digital paint job would look. I scanned the wall and door and splashed purple and green on them. The app had a hard time adjusting to the towel hanging nearby and the door knob, pixelating both.

kavtek AR app bathroom

I don’t have much room in my humble abode to place 3D AR couches, ottomans, art, and lamps over existing ones. But, I did have my grandmother place an ottoman and coffee table in her living room and she loved it. The selections are modern and the app makes it easy to fit and buy with a tap.

Kavtek aAR app for home design

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