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Snapchat Hosts John Wick 3 AR Contest in Time for Movie Premiere

Sign up for the contest or dress up that doggo as AR John Wick.


Snapchat has starpower. Their AR app doesn’t just keep us current with friends and family, it creates new trends. Their Lens Creator community is currently building up excitement for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, which premieres tomorrow, May 17. Until May 19 creators can participate in The Art of Wick AR Contest to make lenses with Lens Studio.

Art of Wick AR Contest

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Who Doesn’t Love Pets in Shades?

Phil Walton Lens snapchat AR contest John Wick
Phil Walton Lens

Head into the Snapchat app, go to the link below, and scan the Snap Code. Once you do this, you and your pet will have access to various lenses for 48-hours. Currently, there are four unlockable codes by Alie Jackson, Egidijus Uckuronis, SVRF, and Phil Walton.

John Wick is notorious for his sunglasses, affinity for dogs, and his iconic aviators. Look like the gunslinger and wear his sunglasses to look super cool. Or take a picture with a backdrop of Continental Coins to make you feel like you are a hitman of the Continental Hotel.

Although Wick is an unstoppable killing machine out for blood, the contest doesn’t allow for any violent or gun-related imagery. Creators are to make a Lens that’s creative but also relates to the film, giving them lots of freedom to dream up selfie or world-facing Lenses.

Create a John Wick AR Lens for Coin or Swag

Alie Jackson
Alie Jackson

The mobile messaging app just released its pet, hand, and body tracking after it’s Snap Partner Summit in April. So creators are urged to use these new features to make even bolder Lenses. After, participants are to add Lionsgate on Snapchat and enter to win.

The winner of The Art of Wick AR Contest will get a real solid gold Continental Coin that’s worth $1,500! If you’re in the top 25 Lenses there are John Wick prize packs to celebrate with. There’s not much time left, the window to entry closes May 19!

Snapchat and the Silver Screen

Movies like Dumbo and recently Pet Sematary have also made selfie lenses for the app’s users to share online. Star Wars, X-Men, and even Terminator have had their own time to shine in the spotlight. Snapchat is augmenting our selfies, pets, and world; and we can’t wait to see how creative their followers and movie studios will get as the app adds features.

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