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The Wild VR/AR Tool for Designers Unleashes the Power of Collaboration and Creativity

Users of the AR/VR platform can now enjoy video support and work on their projects with a sketching tool.


One innovative VR/AR tool for architects has just gotten better. The Wild, developed by a team based in Portland, OR, is capable of turning 3D models into interactive AR/VR projects. So far, top companies like adidas and BNP Paribas have used the tool in their design projects with great success. Inspired by their initial success, the developers of The Wild have recently added two new useful features to their product: video support and a sketching tool.

The Wild Side of 3D Design: Turn Projects into AR/VR Presentation

First of all, let us tell you the philosophy behind The Wild AR/VR tool. Its creators imagined it as work instrument for everyone who designs: architects, product designers, engineers, advertisers. They wanted to help these professionals work more efficiently and communicate better with their clients.

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The Wild is compatible with the most formats of 3D object files. Thus, users can easily upload their work into the AR/VR tool and turn it into a holographic object. Once they have this hologram ready, they can:

  • scale their project to the desired size,
  • place it in the context of real-life use, and
  • allow clients to explore it, zooming in and moving freely through the virtual space.

A New Concept for Team Collaborations

At the same time, The Wild can also be a great  tool for creative teams working on a product design project. Without having to be present in the same physical space, they can meet in a virtual one. All of the members have access to the AR/VR hologram and their input and changes are shared in real time with the rest of the team.

Also, by placing their project in its real-life context, teams can easily create a presentation for a client. For instance, architects can integrate the hologram of a building in the actual layout where it will be built. This will allow the client to evaluate the proposal more accurately against their expectations.

The Product Manager at The Wild, Mischa Winkler, describes the VR/AVR/ARR tool as “a place where people can communicate easily and naturally, and not be constrained and abstracted to fit on screens”.

Ongoing Work to Make The Wild Better for Users

Thus, in order to make The Wild an even better place for users, the developers listened to their feedback and added a Comment tool last month. And this month, they added two new useful features: video support and the Sketch tool.

Video Support

SketchUp in The Wild
SketchUp in The Wild

Until now, designers could import 3D objects from SketchUp or Revit. Now, they will be able to upload videos, as well, to make their presentations even more interactive and immersive. At the time of writing, we have no further details on the file formats, resolution, length, etc. supported by The Wild AR/VR tool.

The Sketch Tool

The new sketching tool will allow designer teams to work on the same project in real time, drawing in 3D. They can start a project from scratch or work on an imported 3D object and each team member will see additions made by others in real time. Once they select the tool, designers can use hand movements to create 3D sketches. They also have an undo button available to remove unwanted elements.

The Wild on macOS
The Wild on macOS

As Winkler says: “Your ideas should be expressed in an environment native to the world we live in, and that’s why the Sketch tool works so well for architectural design reviews in The Wild.”

The Wild AR/VR tool works with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It can be accessed via AR for iOS or desktop computer (PC or Mac).

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