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Mercedes and Magic Leap Debut Immersive Roadshow in the UK

The Immersive Roadshow started at the Highland Show and will stop at select Mercedes dealerships across the UK.


UK fans of immersive technology are in for a treat: Mercedes has created a roadshow like no other. It features virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Also, it utilizes proprietary Magic Leap technology – an innovative leader on the XR market. Thus, the visitors will experience a realistic city-scape where they can drive the latest Mercedes van model.

For this purpose, the German car brand had partnered with UK-based XR company Draw & Code, and events specialists Meet & Potato.

The Logistics behind the Mercedes Immersive Roadshow

Of course, this innovative and massive mobile AR/VR experience needs more than just software and immersive headsets. Thus, the entire experience is loaded into a 18-wheeler truck which will travel across the UK this summer.

merceds magic leap immersive roadshow

The starting point was  the Highland Show on the 20th of June. From there,  the truck will be stopping over at select Mercedes dealerships. Once inside the high tech truck, visitors will have a realistic experience of the history of the iconic car brand. Thus, starting with its early days in the 19th century and up to the present, the immersive reality experience will allow users to live the brand story.

The logistics power behind the roadshow, events specialists Meet & Potato, described the idea for the roadshow.

“We’re delighted and excited to bring the Mercedes-Benz Vans UK brand story to life with a such an innovative immersive event. Draw & Code were the perfect technology partner to realise the experience. The roadshow trailer is set to welcome thousands of guests as it tours the UK and we can’t wait to see their reaction,” said John Kelly, founder and MD at Meet & Potato.

Images, Sounds and Motion – a Complete Experience Created by Draw & Code

For their part, the immersive technology specialists at Draw & Code spared no efforts to make the experience as realistic as possible. Therefore, apart from the Magic Leap One suite, they also installed several motion platforms. They will give the visitors an incredibly realistic experience of sitting at the steering wheel of a Mercedes-Benz van and driving through a city.

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As for the modality of making this experience available to as many people as possible, the co-founder of Draw & Code, John Keefe, said:

“The idea of a truck touring around showcasing mixed reality has a neat precedent – back in the 1980s the industry leaders at Silicon Valley upstart VPL showcased cutting-edge tech with ‘Reality on Wheels’ – an 18-wheeler that visited potential customers. Decades on, the Immersive Roadshow neatly mirrors the emerging technologies showcased by Mercedes; just like connected and electrified vehicles, XR technology is getting closer and closer to becoming truly mainstream and usable.”

Endorsing an Evolving Brand Image

The Immersive Roadshow created by Mercedes is consistent with the current direction the brand is taking. To stay on top of its game, the company is equipping its vehicles with the latest technologies. These play a key role in road safety, driver assistance and passenger entertainment.

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Therefore, the experience is an extension of the brand values and a confirmation of its commitment to improve its products. At the same time, the innovative marketing event will boost Mercedes’ competitive edge on the market.

If you are in the UK this summer, don’t miss the Mercedes Immersive Roadshow. Apart from dealerships, it will be present at various events across the country.


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