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3 Applications of Augmented Reality in the Travel Industry

Augmented reality is taking over the travel industry, making travel safer, more convenient, educational, and worthwhile.


Augmented reality enhances the world around us by incorporating elements of a virtual environment into our own. It can make the most mundane experiences more exciting. This is the power of AR. It’s also what makes AR ideal for the travel industry.

AR’s potential to enrich travel experiences is undeniable. Unfortunately, not many companies in this sector have embraced this burgeoning technology. There are a few noteworthy pioneers that you might want to look into. If you’re hoping for a way to reach out to the generation that’s dominating the travel scene — the millennials — an AR app seems to be the most appropriate solution.

Let’s find out how augmented reality can feed our wanderlust.

Booking a Flight

Booking a flight is often the first step when going on a trip, and it’s usually not a very thrilling experience. But not to worry, augmented reality enables travelers to find ideal flights through the most extraordinary methods. AR lets travelers take a quick peek inside a flight before deciding to book a seat.

iflyA380 app with augmented reality features
iflyA380 app with augmented reality features; Source: Google Play

Using a smartphone or a tablet, you can easily check if there’s enough legroom for you or if there are enough entertainment options. This might sound like quite a stretch — but it’s not. As a matter of fact, Airbus has already experimented with AR and launched an app called iflyA380.

Another interesting app that you might want to look into is called App in the Air. This helps customers explore flight options and select one that fulfills their travel needs. Moreover, you can remove all the guesswork from air travel and use the app to compare your carry-on luggage to the airline’s permitted size.

Navigating a New City

People who love to explore unfamiliar cities usually plan their travels meticulously ahead of time. They’d read as much as they can about their dream destination before heading there. They’d look for the best sights to see or tourist traps to avoid. Of course, they’d also find out how to use public transport.

With AR apps as guides for public transportation, there won’t be any need to stress over every single detail. Travelers will have easy access to bus routes, schedules, and fares. Certainly, you’ll feel safer with such an app, especially if you are traveling solo.

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Bus Times London is a perfect example of this. This travel app uses augmented reality and your camera to help you locate your bus stop. From your real-time position, it shows you a digital path towards your bus stop.

Breaking Down Language Barriers

Augmented reality can help travelers overcome the biggest challenge of exploring a foreign country — the language barrier. There’s no harm in learning a phrase or two and taking a traveler’s guide. However, even with a bit of preparation, you’d still struggle to order food at a restaurant. You can use advanced translation apps to find out what the menu says. But what if you don’t understand the characters?

That’s where augmented reality comes in.

If you can’t understand the characters, all you need to do is point your camera at the text. The translation app will do the rest for you. An example of such a technology is Google Lens, an AI-powered image recognition technology that can translate foreign text and read it back to you. But its capabilities don’t stop there. Travelers may also use it to learn historical facts about the popular landmarks they’re exploring, find out their operating hours, and more.

google lens
Google Lens

These are just a few of the ways in which AR can be used to improve tourism and enrich travel experiences. If you want to help travelers gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for different cultures, incorporate AR into your travel app.

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