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Argon Transform: An AR Technology HUD Attachment for Motorcyclists

This dual-camera AR attachment for motorcycle helmets has just launched on Indiegogo and will start shipping in early February 2020.


One of the most promising and practical emerging uses for AR technology is a  head-up display, or HUD. This technology allows users to access visual information while keeping their eyes on what they’re doing. It usually works by connecting already situationally-necessary eyewear like goggles or helmets to a computer. Because motorcyclists have to keep track of everything that car drivers do, but without the dashboard and console space, HUD technology is being explored as a way of helping cyclists stay safe.

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While a number of “smart helmets” are already on the market, very few actually feature a display. Those that do require a dedicated helmet and come with a hefty price tag. That’s why the concept of an affordable AR technology adapter is so exciting.

What Is Argon Transform?

The Argon Transform by Whyre promises to “make any motorcycle helmet a smart helmet.”

argon helmet

The AR technology includes a dual-camera device mounted to a motorcycle helmet, and a Bluetooth handlebar controller, according to a press release shared with ARPost. No drilling required. The adapter works by connecting to your mobile device over Bluetooth.

Argon Transform will allow users to view caller ID, GPS, speed, a digital clock, and other features, according to the release. The AR technology will also allow users to manage mobile apps through the Argon Transform. It can also connect to the internet to do things like download maps. However, the biggest selling point is safety.

Argon Transform GPS and Music Titles
Argon Transform GPS and Music Titles

Not having a center-mounted rear-view camera like cars do, makes motorcycles notoriously difficult. It also gives them a large blind spot. Argon Transform’s low-latency rear camera feed helps to eliminate blindspots. Of course, the camera can also record video and save it to a microSD card for easy sharing. Argon Transform also allows closed-channel communication with nearby bikers.

Argon Transform HUD Rear View Camera
Argon Transform HUD Rear View Camera

The adapter should take fewer than 20 minutes to install, including installing the mobile app.

When Will It Launch?

The big excitement now comes from its recent launch on Indiegogo. It’s already raised over 70% of of its crowdfunding goal as of this writing. With nearly a month left to reach its goal, it’s likely to succeed.

The “Super Early Bird Special” gets the complete kit for US$399. Shipping should start in February 2020.

argon transform ar technology attachment

About Whyre

Whyre, the creator of Argon Transform, is a Singapore-based tech startup dedicated to improving safety for motorcyclists. Founded by five motorcycle-driving friends, we can expect more from them in the future.

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