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CGTrader Partners with IKAR and Magic Leap for B2B AR Experiences

The resulting AR experiences could one day replace conventional models.


Designers launch new fashions in live events but industry representatives don’t usually bring models with them when meeting with retailers. This means that, when the meeting matters most, they have to sell 3D products based on 2D images. AR experiences are increasingly solving that problem.

The Partners

IKAR is a fashion house that specializes in seamless clothing like activewear. Consumers see their clothing in dozens of clothing retailers around the world. When representatives of IKAR showcase their products to retailers, they often rely on 2D images.

CGTrader is a company that sells and commissions 3D models for use in XR applications. They provide the images but users need to have their own hardware.

Magic Leap is a startup best known for its high-end and high-quality headset. Partners rather than Magic Leap make most of the AR experiences available on the headset.

The Plan

CGTrader, IKAR, and Magic Leap have recently entered into a partnership. Via that partnership, CGTrader will provide 3D models of IKAR clothing viewable as AR experiences over Magic Leap.

3D model of IKAR's active wear by CGTrader ARsenal
3D model of IKAR’s active wear by CGTrader ARsenal

“Moving from a flat 2D presentation to 3D and AR experiences for its fashion industry customers provides numerous advantages. It allows IKAR to depict seamless apparel on 3D fashion models without incurring the cost or time of traditional photoshoots,” according to a post on CGTrader’s blog. “It will also help them to present complete digital 3D fashion collections, including all designs, colors, styles, and combinations, without having to invest in physically producing individual garment samples.”

Right now, the partnership is strictly a business-to-business solution. However, it may soon expand to allow individuals similar access.

“Taking this one further, with Magic Leap’s breakthrough augmented reality goggles, consumers like you and I will be able to purchase goods at-home via immersive retail experiences,” CGTrader representative told ARPost in an email. “So for example, in the case of IKAR, as soon as you put the goggles on you will see the fashion garment you want – worn on the 3D model – helping you, the consumer, with the buying decision but also helping the retailer convert online sales.”

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The Impact

“The fact that e-commerce and retail is moving to 3D is a really bid deal,” said Dalia Lasaite, CEO of CGTrader. “I would modestly say it’s a gamechanger in the world of e-commerce,” added CMO, Arita Mattsoff.

The process is cheaper and faster than conventional photoshoots and may eventually completely replace human models with, well, model models.

magic leap“They send us links to their 2D products and we send back a 3D model,” Mattsoff told us. “… the next step, if they want to take it there, is with a 3D fashion show, like a virtual catwalk. If they go to a trade show and want to show off their fashion, they can bring [thier Magic Leap AR experiences].”

This change can, for better or worse, be seen as another workforce-demand-shift from low specialty to high specialty. That’s because CGTrader sources out the commissions for 3D models to freelance designers.

“We distribute the tasks to 3D designers on our platform,” said Lasaite. “It’s a big opportunity for them.”

AR experiences in retail aren’t necessarily a brand new thing. Furniture outlets, makeup companies, and indeed some clothing retailers already use the technology.

However, CGTrader’s huge 3D model catalog and the partnership with Magic Leap make this one of the biggest single shifts.

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