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How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Escape Room Business

Virtual reality technology takes escape room business to the next level: immersive and interactive games are taking the lead.


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Many developers are capitalizing on the popularity of fast-growing virtual reality technology, and game software developers aren’t an exception. They integrate VR technology into their games to make them more fun. However, virtual reality can also reveal its full potential in another direction – VR escape rooms.

Escape rooms are games where players should break free by solving mind-blowing puzzles and unraveling enigmatic secrets. Instead of a physical room filled with enigmatic signs and mind-blowing puzzles, players discover a virtual world that can become anything the game designers want.

This activity requires good teamwork, excellent communication, and keen observation. For immersing the players in the virtual world, there are virtual reality headsets and controllers.

Virtual reality escape rooms always offer a unique and exciting experience for players and new opportunities for business owners. Therefore, they take the leading position in the realm of escape rooms.

Virtual Reality Technology Gives the Escape Room Industry a Makeover

VR technology is able to revive the escape room business as it offers almost infinite possibilities for players. They can fly in space, sink to the bottom of the ocean, fight against fantastic monsters, or travel in time. This is an exciting experience they cannot get in reality.

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Business owners will also benefit from the use of this innovative technology. It reduces depreciation costs and offers a variety of game scenarios that are impossible to create in a real-life escape room.

Here are the main areas in which this technology can improve your escape room business.

1. Business becomes more flexible

The key to success is flexibility because it determines commercial viability. In order to be profitable, a virtual reality escape room should keep the customers interested. That is easy to do as you can have as many rooms as you want, since they are stored in an abundant library. You can opt for interactive fantasy games for people with a good imagination, detective games to improve logical thinking, and social play games for strengthening the team spirit.

The players can try out an unlimited number of games offered. All you should do is to select a game that should be played by pressing a few buttons.

2. Virtual reality technology offers great earning potential

The main goal of every business is to make a profit, and virtual reality escape rooms cope with this task.

Depreciation expenses and overhead expenses of operating virtual reality escape rooms are significantly lower compared to real-life escape rooms.

Firstly, any dry and well-ventilated premise is suitable for this kind of escape room. As the action takes place in a simulated environment, there is no need to create a special interior. The minimum space for one zone is 7×7 ft. You can open as many zones as your facility allows.

Secondly, a virtual reality full kit (the headset and controllers) costs about $1000, and you should replace it every 1.5-2 years. It is easier to replace a headset and controllers than to remodel the entire physical room.

Diversity and flexibility of virtual reality escape rooms make them a business opportunity with great profit potential. For instance, if a room regularly has an average of six people, and each room has ten sessions per day, business owners can easily earn more than $3,000 per day, per room. The game fee is about $50 per hour per person.

3. The audience is expanded

Due to a large number of various games, not limited by physical space, it is possible to attract a larger audience. People over 10 years old can participate in the escape room game. Some scenarios are designed specifically for children, whereas others are suitable for adults.

Statistics show that both genders equally prefer missions based on interacting with paranormal creatures and magical objects or investigating a crime. However, male players prefer adventure or military-based stories more than female customers.

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In addition, thanks to virtual reality, you can add multiplayer games based on popular films, books, games, and series for large groups. Besides, you can also offer games for a specific audience, for example, for comic book fans, anime fans, or sports fans.

On top of that, virtual reality expands the capabilities of a person, so people with special needs and people with visual or hearing problems can play without any discomfort.

4. Gameplay becomes smoother

In virtual reality escape rooms, there is no need to give clues during the process. As a rule, the developers provide special software that manages the game flow and simplifies the riddles or provides the necessary hints when a line-up needs it.

Besides, there is a built-in tutorial that facilities the work of the manager.

Bottom Line

This rapidly developing technology can boost up your business by increasing earning potential, improving games’ flexibility, winning new customers, and optimizing the game process.

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