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VR Game Hallow Realm: Will You Hunt or Haunt?

Get ready to hunt and haunt in this Halloween warm-up VR experience by MassVR virtual reality arena, launching today.


Halloween has always been an opportunity for the entertainment industry to surprise their audience with new thrilling experiences. The thrills are getting more real this year with the help of virtual reality. MassVR is launching a VR game called Hallow Realm today, October 1.

MassVR VR experience Hallow Realm

A Unique Multi-Player Virtual Reality Game Experience

Haunting and hunting has long been a Halloween staple. And now, VR can take this Halloween tradition to the next level. Thanks to this virtual reality horror experience, up to 20 players will, for 30 exciting minutes, be immersed in the landscape of a mystery town after an earthquake. They will get to take turns to be in a team of “Ghost Hunters” as well as play ghosts themselves.

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Equipped with supernatural powers, the “Ghosts” will try to scare and pull “Hunters” into the darkness of the Hallow Realm. “Hunters” will, on the other hand, navigate around with a flashlight and try to fight the dark shadows with an Electro Plasma Disruptor.

Thrilling Fun and Physical Activity

VR game MassVRBeing in a 32,000 square feet of free-roam, unrestricted movement playing space, players not only can freely immerse themselves in the character and the alternative world, but also get physically active by walking and running. And all this while playing the VR game and socializing, interacting, and coordinating with their friends.

According to MassVR, this is the first players-vs-players virtual reality experience.  It has a big impact on the virtual reality landscape as it changes the VR game from being a solitary experience to a socially interactive one. For now, players of all their VR games need to be at least 12 years old. The cost of playing is $27 per person. Currently operating as a pop-up, MassVR is located at 4847 Old Orchard Shopping Center, just 20 minutes out of Chicago.

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