Thursday, December 1, 2022
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AR Game Ally + MONOPOLY® Turns Cities into Educational Gameboard

Six US cities become a real-life gameboard for the augmented reality game developed by Ally Financial and MONOPOLY.


Learning through play is fun and efficient. Thus, Ally Financial partnered with MONOPOLY and 8th Wall to create an augmented reality game. Ally + MONOPOLY uses the concept of the popular financial board game and puts it in real life across six US cities. In this way, the financial services company wants to teach people financial literacy and help them make responsible money decisions.

The Augmented Reality Game That Teaches Money Management

According to an extensive survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Ally Financial, most Americans (94% of the respondents) have played board games involving money. Out of them:

  • 81% said that this type of board games help teach money concepts;
  • 71% said that playing money-related board games in childhood helped them be comfortable with the concept of money;
  • 34% had the first experience with the concept of money through the board game.
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Speaking of the survey results and the decision to create the augmented reality game, the chief marketing and PR officer of Ally Financial, Andrea Brimmer, said in a press release:

“Ally + MONOPOLY® is part of our ongoing strategy to make the ‘money talk’ less intimidating, giving people the confidence to talk about saving and spending, making investments, buying a home, and how to recover if they have a financial stumble.”

Ally Monopoly AR game man playing game

How Can You Play Ally + MONOPOLY AR Game?

The Ally + MONOPOLY AR game is currently available to play, and will be available until October 28. It covers six US cities: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York City, as well as Seattle.

AR game Ally + MonopolyThe players have to go to the official website of the game and select the option “play in real life”. The game also has an online version, accessible to anyone in any location. Thus, the players do not have to install an app, but simply use the web-based AR interface.

Key Features of Ally + MONOPOLY

Once inside the game, the players will receive clues to locate the augmented reality game squares in their city. When they reach the destination, Mr. MONOPOLY AR character will appear and guide the players to complete challenges and win prizes.

“I think players are going to have a blast with this game – learning about money, winning some great prizes and hopefully taking actions that will change their lives,” said Brimmer.

The Ally + MONOPOLY augmented reality game offers a range of attractive prizes:

  • A Jeep Wrangler;
  • US$200 and US$500 cash prizes;
  • Grand prizes of US$50,000.

Players may also win one of the 1,500 daily prizes or mystery prizes. Also, they can go to the virtual Community Chest center, where they can raise money for their local Junior Achievement charity chapter. The players only have to get to this special center to raise the money.

At the same time, Ally Financial pledged to donate US$15,000 to each of the Junior Achievement chapters based in the cities included in the game.

The prerequisite condition to enter the game is to be at least 18 years old.

The Work Behind the Financial Augmented Reality Game 

Ally Monopoly AR game mobile device

Ally Financial worked with 8th Wall AR developing company. Their proprietary WebAR platform is, according to the company, the only solution that allows mobile browsers to run markerless interactive AR content.

This helps more users enjoy AR games, by eliminating the need to install an app and check device compatibility.

Ally Financial hopes that the augmented reality game Ally + MONOPOLY will be an entertaining and helpful tool for people who want to improve their money management skills.

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