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VR Cover’s New Valve Index VR Headset Interface Goes on Sale for the Holidays

Valve Index Interface and Foam Replacement was launched this Wednesday.


If you’ve spent any amount of time in your VR headset, you know that after too much use, your headset can get dirty and the fittings can become misshapen. It makes it uncomfortable and awkward if you want to let other people use your headset. However, having a headset that fits properly and is adjusted to you can also improve the experience.

VR Cover offers a unique solution for getting the most life and the best use out of your VR headset.

Valve Index Interface and Foam Replacement

What Is VR Cover?

For the last five years, VR Cover has been making custom-fit inserts for VR headsets. They started out making covers for the early models of the Oculus Rift because there wasn’t anything else on the market.

However, as the market has expanded, VR Cover has met the challenge. They currently make inserts for nine big-name VR headsets by Oculus, Vive, Windows, Samsung, and now Valve. They also make a universal cover for other headsets.

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The big news is the interface that they recently launched for the Valve Index. In case the news slipped by you, Index is the new VR headset made by Valve. The tethered headset runs between $500 and $750 depending on the package.

A Look at the Valve Index Interface

All big-name VR headsets out there are adjustable but that only goes so far. Heads are a lot more similar between people than faces are. Having a headset fit your head is great but having a headset fit your face helps to prevent light leakage and can even increase the field-of-view.

VR Cover’s new system, customized for the Valve Index, consists of one “interface” and three adjustable foam inserts. The interface is held to the Index by magnets, making it easy to install, remove for cleaning, and reinstall, or eventually replace, if necessary. The additional foam inserts need to be adjusted every time that a user dons the VR headset. These are the pieces that maximize fit and comfort and minimize light leakage.

Valve Index Interface and Foam Replacement

The kit, which launched two days ago, is currently on a special introductory sale just in time for the holidays. From today morning until December 2, the VR Cover Valve Interface is available for $39.20. After that, it returns to its regular price of $49. Orders will start shipping on December 4.

Taking Care of Your VR Headset

It can be easy to look at something like the VR Cover as an aggravating additional cost after buying a VR headset that already set you back at least half a grand. However, it should also be easy to see it as a small additional expense to make your initial purchase working as well is it can for as long as it can.

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