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DeepAR: A New Tool for Developers to Add AR Face Filters in Apps and Websites

The platform offers developers a multiplatform SDK, a Studio and Asset Store to create various AR face filters.


AR face filters DeepARAR face filters are hugely popular among the general public. From funny filters for social media platforms to AR tools to test makeup and hairstyles, these enhancements are in demand from web and app developers. Now they have a new integrated platform to help them create these filters: DeepAR.

What Is DeepAR and How Does It Help Create AR Face Filters?

The DeepAR platform consists of three useful tools for developers:

  • A multiplatform SDK;
  • DeepAR Studio;
  • Asset Store.

Thus, developers can add AR face filters into any app (for Android or iOS) and website. So far, the SDK already has over 60 million monthly users. However, the new platform simplifies the entire process of creating custom AR filters.

As the co-founder of DeepAR, George Berkowski, explains in a press release sent to ARPost:

“We have made the new DeepAR SDK Platform as simple to use as possible – it’s designed by developers and designers, for developers and designers. Combined with the DeepAR Studio, you can create FaceAR effects and masks in a matter of hours. Unlike Snapchat and SparkAR you can embed FaceAR effects in your own app or website.”

DeepAR studio
DeepAR studio

What Are the Key Functionalities of DeepAR Platform?

Developers can use this new versatile platform for different apps and websites in a number of ways. DeepAR platform offers the ability to:

  • Test makeup and hair colors in real time;
  • Detect up to 7 core emotions;
  • Add AR objects to any image;
  • Create special effects and video filters;
  • Create advanced face filters, similar to premium Snapchat filters;
  • Replace the real-life background in videos.

These functionalities make DeepAR a great choice for a wide variety of apps and videos, from live video chats to cosmetics and hairstyle brands. This short video demonstrates the capabilities of the new AR platform:

Develop Unique Face AR Filters or Customize Ready-Made Ones

The DeepAR platform offers developers the tools they need to create AR filters from scratch or start from predefined models. The Asset Store offers a wide range of filters that are ready to use or customize. At the moment, the Asset Store contains 18 AR face filters.


Thus, developers can adapt to various demands from customers with tight deadlines, or unleash their creativity when they have enough time. Also, using the DeepAR Studio, they can test their AR face filters in real time, to make sure that they work properly before deployment to production.

“DeepAR is a platform where developers and 3D artists can keep their creative autonomy while working with all the tools they may need to create amazing face tracking AR apps,” Luka Mijatovic, the head developer at DeepAR, explains. “We built it because we needed it, and there was nothing like it at the time. Now, we want to put it out there. If we can spark some creativity and enable people to create something they weren’t able to create before – mission accomplished.”

How Can Developers Access the DeepAR Platform?

The new platform for AR face filters is available at I had the official launch on March 6 on Product Hunt, where developers can see the first reviews and reactions from their peers who tested it.

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